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Me and My Teenage Life

By prettyricky2013 Jan 04, 2013 318 Words
Ricky Standafer10-16-12

My religious education has influenced my life in a really big way. My religious education has influenced my sports, family, and everyday life as a teenager. It all started when my mom became my religion teacher from the start of middle school, up until I graduated from middle school. My mom taught me everything about religion I know today. Religion has influenced my life through wrestling at Desales. Before every match I pray, and ask God to help me accomplished what I want to accomplish on the mat. Religion is one of the biggest aspects of my life. Religion has been the biggest part of my life to. What I have learned in all my religion classes, mainly my middle school religion class is about life lessons. I have learned how to accomplish things, achieve things, and what to do in certain situations from taking religion for so long. I have taken a religion class every year since I was in the second grade. I go on retreats each year as a student at desales. Freshman year the class went to the Flaget center. I experienced many things on this retreat, but mainly it was about meeting my class mates, and learning how to fit in at desales. Sophomore year we went to the Jefferson Memorial Forest. When we were at the forest, there was a huge 70 foot tall jungle gym tower. At this retreat we learned that we need to help our peers climb the tower. We also learned that we need to try to find the strength in ourselves to climb the tower. Junior year we spent the night at the retreat center called Cross Roads. At these retreat we helped recovering addicts, older people, poor people, and refugee immigrants. This was probably my favorite retreat so far, because I love to help people and make people happy.

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