Me and Ma Statement of Purpose

Topics: Management, Mathematics, Field Pages: 2 (366 words) Published: October 4, 2010

Mir Aamir

In business, we study the result of people’s actions. My country has given the world some of the topmost business tycoons and I dream to become one of them. But we don’t have many top class business programmes like those that have produced the top business leaders of the world.

Leeds metropolitan university has the exact programme that I wish to seek. Apart from this, it is also within my financial limits. The subjects taught in LMU MS are selected to cover all the fields of management. A student is given freedom to choose the subjects he wishes to study. This provides a flexibility of choice.

Maintaining self-esteem is very important for me. Various aspects like spiritual, personal and vocational are required to achieve this goal. My personal goal is to reach to that point where I can maintain a healthy lifestyle. Obviously, this is not going to be easy. Speaking about Spiritual level, my goal would be to excel in practices that will make me think and make decisions according with the values I believe in- Hardwork, honesty, commitment. I would also be satisfied if I am in a field that can change the society or at least try to make it better. Definitely MS will land me in that kind of a field.

I am from a family where everyone wanted me to become an Businessman. My father is also a businessman, who always wanted me to follow his footsteps. Study of medicines had never interested me, so I did my degree in Information Tecnology. Business has always interested me more than any other stream.

My IT degree has developed a strong foundation for my analytical skills since IT involves complex, intricate calculations and the application of math skills along with development of logic.

I feel that persuing MS at this stage would be best for my future. My long term goal is to return to my country and set up a self sustaining business, hence I want to gain the necessary skills to manage a...
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