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Topics: Organization, Christopher Nolan, Organizational structure, Indian Institutes of Management, Uttar Pradesh / Pages: 2 (297 words) / Published: Dec 10th, 2012
Primary Research
We interacted with the following personnel of the Genesis Club and the main promoters of change
• NarenShukla, Receptionist
• Mehandi Agar, Captain, The Genesis Club
• Neeraj Lohani, Manager, The Genesis Club
• GautamPuri, Licensee, Marketing & Branding, Events, The Genesis Club
• Deepak Rastogi, Director, Hospitality, Rohta’s Infrastructure Pvt Ltd.
We also interacted with a few members of the Genesis Club
• Mr Rajeev Mohta, Entrepreneur
• Dr.MohitTandon, Surgeon
• Few IIM Lucknow students

A questionnaire (Appendix I) was also circulated to get insights about the drivers instrumental for the change.
Promoters of Change
The Directors of the Rohta’s Infrastructure, the four siblings who started with the group, decided to venture into the hospitality sector.
Later, their sons, the cousins took over and took this change ahead.
Effects of Change
• Economic: Revenue /Profitability
• Organizational Structure:
Post the decision to venture into the hospitality sector, a separate team was formed to look after this sector. The organizational structure is as follows:
Please enter the organisation structure
• Employee Relation:
Due to the new change being promoted by the directors who are known for their inclusivity and motivating the staff, there was almost no resistance from the existing staff. Infact, the staff very much supported the new idea of this new hospitality sector which adds some thrill to the infrastructure business. Overall, it was a change facilitated through a collaborative inquiry and teamwork.
• Vendor Relation:
Owing to the extensionof the business, the existing vendors played a role in the infrastructure part andnew vendors were brought in for the other segments like food and all.
• Customer Relation:
The positioning of the club is being food centric where obviously consumer tastes will be considered. Cordial relations are maintained with the members and care is taken that no nuisance is created

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