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Macduff Essay

Macduff is a good leader in the play Macbeth. People see examples of good and bad leadership in everyday life. Each one of us has our own ideas of what good leadership entails. People are taught that a good leader is brave and skilful in battle. He works hard, respects others, obeys orders, sets a good example for his followers, and above all else is loyal. Macbeth started out as a good leader, but because of ambition and greed, he became disloyal, paranoid, and he allowed others to think he was unstable. These things made him a poor leader. Macduff is a good leader because he is motivating to his followers as well as nobel, he is also able to hold up his appearance and stay clear headed even with grief, finally he does not boast about what “I” accomplished but rather what “we” accomplished. Everyone can be a good leader but some let the power go to their head and make them into a bad leader.
Macduff and Macbeth are a study of opposites; where Macbeth is treacherous, Macduff is noble. Malcolm praises Macduff as full of "noble passion" Act IV, Scene 3, Line 114 and Macduff speaks of himself, stating, "I am not treacherous." Act IV, Scene 3, Line 17 This same line can also be used to show how open and almost blunt Macduff is. His freedom of expression and emotions lead to kinship among his followers, who feel more comfortable around a leader whose motationation they understand and agree with, therefore making Macduff the stronger and more respected commander. Even more than the king 's own son, Macduff appears to mourn the loss of the king, and the man. But he 's not so overwhelmed by grief that he can not pay attention to what 's going on around him. He 's the only one who asks why Macbeth killed the guards senselessly. He 's also the first to see that Lady Macbeth is fainting. And, instead of prattling on about his suspicions, he decides to leave for England. This isn 't a cowardly act, but rather a brave one intended to aid Malcolm in

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