mcdp 6-11

Topics: United States Marine Corps / Pages: 2 (548 words) / Published: Apr 26th, 2014
MCRP 6-11: Sustaining the Transformation

The Marine Corps reference publication (MCRP) Sustaining the Transformation discusses many different phases of the transformation from civilian to Marine. This publication describes a story of the difference in transformation between two brothers as they go through the first phases of their Marine Corps careers. The two brothers, Private James Smith and Private Tommy Smith, were never in the same company during boot camp and rarely saw each other, however they both came out of boot camp with pride in themselves, a sense of accomplishment, and a drive to succeed. After boot camp, the Smith brothers continued their three month long training at the School of Infantry (SOI) in Camp Pendleton, California. During this time, the brothers received nearly identical training, but the difference in leadership started to show their true transformation. SOI was the Smith brothers' final training before moving on to the Fleet Marine Force (FMF) and finding out what unit they would be attached to for the duration of their enlistment. During training day 19, James was called over individually by a Cpl Wilson, a Marine from his expected battalion and told where his orders were for. One week later, Tommy and 25 other Marines were told where their orders were. There was a significant difference in leadership at this point in the story. James was talked to individually and told a brief history of his new battalion, some of the training he would be receiving in the upcoming months, and information about his final weeks in the School of Infantry. Tommy's situation was much different. He was told about his unit en masse and with no specific information as to where it was, what type of training they would be doing, or any information about graduation day. When graduation day finally came, the two brothers were very excited to meet up with their family. It wasn't until that day that Tommy found out where his new battalion was located.

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