Mcdonalds Target Market

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Mc Donald's target market is every segment of the demography! The segments of the demography are; family life-cycles,gender, age,Nationality, Income,Generation,Race etc. Like u stated, Marketing Mix are the 4p's: 

Product, Price,Place,Promotion

1.Mc Donald Product :value-priced , fast-serviced meal 

2.Mc Donald Price: my guess is Value-pricing (offering just the right combination of quality and good service at a a fair price)

3. Place: Strategic location of most Mc Donald fast-food outlet is found in populated and easily accessible areas (eg; retail areas,airports, busy street) or most certainly locating closely where its top 3 competitors are also doing business eg;Burger King, Subway etc..

4.Promotion: Mc Donald has engaged in many short-term incentives for consumer promotion through limited value menus, promotional games to promote old/new items on the menu eg; Happy Meal toys,Big Mac Hockey Contest,card games etc.. And McDonald focuses its ad campaigns on its overall Mc Donald experience and active life style. Promotional Strategy of McDonald’s and their Target Market McDonald’s Corporation is one of the most popular and valuable brands in the fast food industry. McDonald’s is undoubtedly a corporation of tremendous magnitude, with outlets in over 30,000 sites in 121 countries, serving over 35 million customers a day and earning profits of over $2 billion annually. McDonald's has successfully used a differentiated market segmentation strategy by targeting the family unit and particularly children with their "Happy Meals" and prices. McDonald's has traditionally offered lower prices than other hamburger chains, thus gaining the patronage of larger-size families. The location of its outlets has been instrumental in making McDonald's so successful. It was the first hamburger chain to expand into the suburbs and into the crowded downtown areas of large urban cities (Greco & Michman, 1995). The issue of targeting children, particularly by...
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