Mcdonalds Supply Chain

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There are few people in the world that do not
know McDonalds, or recognize the famous
Golden Arches. The success of the McDonald’s
corporation is founded on the consistent
quality of its hamburgers. Have you ever
wondered why McDonald’s hot, fresh products
taste the same everywhere in the world? It’s
McDonald’s unique purchasing system and
the relationship McDonalds shares with its
dedicated suppliers that ensure the quality of
products in every restaurant.
At McDonald’s they have a saying, “One
Taste Worldwide”, which is only possible
because McDonalds sets strict requirements,
which are the foundation of the production
standards for the entire McDonald’s supply
chain. Consistency of product quality is one
of the top priorities for McDonald’s and they
are on the leading edge of research and
development in order to set new standards in
quality. In addition because the McDonalds
delivery program is so highly developed, they
can trace any individual meat patties back to
the supplier’s specific batch. To become one
of the suppliers to McDonald’s restaurants,
a company has to supply proof of its high
operation standards. Cleanliness, consistency
and traceability are three key factors that a
supplier is judged on.
Located in Linkoping, Sweden Farlo was
founded ten years ago for the sole purpose
of making McDonalds hamburgers. Farlo
produces roughly one million hamburgers per
day exclusively for McDonald’s in both Sweden
and Finland. For Farlo, the need for quality,
consistency and traceability influences each
level of production.
To improve production quality and capacity
while lowering operating costs by streamlining
and integrating plant monitoring and business
Farlo is required to prove that it meets
McDonald’s high quality requirements by
documenting the quality and traceability of
each item produced. In the past this has
proven to be costly and inefficient using the
existing manual systems.
The challenge was to implement a business
solution that was totally integrated, with zero
Farlo - Supplier to McDonald’s
McDonald’s meats - 100% quality, guaranteed
risk of lost or compromised data storage. Farlo
also wanted to replace the manual system with
a solution that would improve efficiency and
provide a direct interface for employees, all the
while ensuring the consistent quality of their
Traceability was the most important
requirement of the new system. Extensive
quality measures and systems require that each
box of hamburgers could be traced through a
complex supply chain to component sources.
“In our business, traceability is very
important,” says Barbro Bengtsson, project
leader at Farlo. “If something should happen,
we need to trace all source components to
ensure that only the highest quality beef
reaches our customers.”
CitectSCADA integrates data from a Mitsubishi
PLC controlling the production process and a
Jeeves Manufacturing Execution System (MES).
Elcontrol AB, a Swedish Citect Integration
Partner, presented the CitectSCADA solution.
One of the reasons CitectSCADA was chosen
is because it allows updates to the latest
version without risk to production or quality.
CitectSCADA was also very straightforward
to use, and everything Farlo needed could
be integrated in the CitectSCADA package.
CitectSCADA and the MES work together
in the same network-domain, and on the
client side, the run side by side in several
Farlo has linked the production process to
the administation system in a completely new
way. “As we wanted to use two systems in
parallel, compatibility was very important,”
says Bengtsson. “The two systems and their
suppliers are communicating efficiently and
smoothly with each other…everything has
worked very well so far.”
Data acquisition rates from the...
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