Mcdonalds in India

Topics: Mumbai, Spice trade, Jainism Pages: 5 (1838 words) Published: November 4, 2008
McDonald’s in India
In America, we consider McDonald’s to be a beef serving, sometimes fatty fast food restaurant, but after a 6 year business plan to sway the Indian population, McDonald’s has transformed. If they can continue this growth in India, and all over the world, globalization will start to love McDonald’s even more. They seemed to have hit the right points, from playing it safe, investing their time doing marketing research, to find the best places to put a restaurant and finding out what it is that people in India like to eat. This is what has separated McDonald’s from the rest of the western restaurants which tried to take the easy approach, just jump right into the country blind folded, and hope for the best. Considering the fact that there are numerous different religions in India, McDonald’s had to place an extreme focus on their food selection, to not upset or offend any religion in particular. Instead of a Big Mac at any restaurant, they offer Mutton Burgers, which is typically a substitute for beef in the culture of India. It may seem silly for McDonald’s to be taking away the burger for which is became famous, but in such a multinational company, they had to do what was best for business. They offer chicken, rice, the Maharaja Mac, no beef tallow fries, chicken kababs and whatever else they could do to be accepted by the Indian cultural society. Typical Indian religions only stay away from beef and pork, so they stuck with Mutton in order to fit in with the Indian culture, and have gone through numerous changes in order to stimulate the Indian people. Many of the religions in India, despite what some may think, are not vegetarian. Only 20% of the population is completely vegetarian, so for them and for others who enjoy the taste, they offer veggie burgers, one of the most successful products in China prior. But, for these hardcore religious groups, they use different utensils for vegetarian foods, have a separate line, and basically do whatever it is that they can for the Indian people, religions, government and culture wants in order to maintain business in such a growing area. Since it seems that the world is becoming more flat, the younger population is more apt to trying new things. They were basically entering an untapped country, before this they had not been accepting of western traditions. Just like in many other counties, children, although many times with little buying power, can influence the purchases of their parents. In America, Ronald McDonald was a hero to many small kids, and still a hero to many adults. Ronald McDonald and his play place has made it’s way over to India, where I am sure he is a hero to many adults for the same reason, the kids are occupied during dinner. They can have their birthday parties at McDonald’s which helps out the entire family, much of which who have houses that are too small for such an occasion, and they have really catered to every part of the family, who is willing to try them out. Much like in the western society, younger Indian women are more likely to work a full-time job, and change their own social norms than their parents. Since the fast-food society of America was not allowed, Indian families typically valued home cooking, for both taste and for price. While the mother usually stayed at home and cooked dinner for the husband (who would be at work) and the children, it was pointless to change their diet and tradition because they did not want to change it. When fast-food restaurants began popping up in India, the non-traditional, working women, along with richer young adults and urban dwellers loved the idea of paying top dollar for a different taste. While McDonald’s still followed the rules of religion and culture, they were able to get a taste of America, while still at home. Just as McDonald’s has always done, they have appealed to the younger population. For those who still expect service when they spend money on a restaurant, there are...
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