Mcdonalds Hrm Policy

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Table of Contents

HR Policy at McDonald’s3
HR Planning:3
HR practices:3
HR Functions Of McDonald’s:3
Job Analysis Method:4
Job Evaluation Method:4
Recruitment and Selection Process4
Recruitment process:5
Internal Recruitment:5
External Recruitment:5
Criteria Required For Employment:6
Selection Process:6
Employment Tests:6
Candidate’s ratio:7
Type of Interviews:7
Background Investigation:7
Performance Appraisal system at Mc Donald8
Performance Appraisal8
Performance Appraisal Method8
Training and development at Mc Donald9
Promotion Policy11
Restaurant Management11
Compensation and Benefits12
Employee Benefits:12
People Promise:13
Benefit Categories:13

HR Policy at McDonald’s

At McDonald's, their people are their most important asset. They provide the best employment experience for their employees in order for McDonald's to achieve their goal of providing their valued customers with the world's best quick-service restaurant experience. They strive to recruit the best, hire the best, and provide the best place to work

The commitment to their employees is shaped on the simple fact "We value you, your growth and your contributions" and this is they strive to achieve through their actions every day.

HR Planning:

HR planning’s purpose is to determine what HRM requirements exist for current & future supplies & demands of workers. To realize the McDonald's service vision, the organization believes in strengthening their team and ensures to deliver the right skills and knowledge to the right person for getting the right job done. The strength, for making the strong team players to shine under the Golden Arches lies in the People Practice and Development Program.

HR practices:

The field of HRM comes into existence in the result of these questions:

• How did people come to be employees in their organization? • How were they selected?
• Why do they come to work on regular basis?
• How do they know what to do on their jobs?
• How does management know if the employees are performing adequately? • And if they are not, what can be done about it?
• Will today employees be adequately prepared for the technologically advanced work the organization will require of them in the years ahead? • What is the compensation process?

The HR department of McDonald’s fulfills all the requirement of these questions in the true sense of the meaning. As HR department deals with people McDonald’s strongly believe in well being of people because it is a known quotation that

“If you take over the liabilities of your employees they will take yours”

HR Functions Of McDonald’s:

HR department of McDonald’s does certain functions:

• Planning
• Recruitment & selection
• Training
• Administration
• Company manuals
• Performance management
• Compensation Management

Job Analysis Method:

Job analysis is the procedure of determining the duties and skills required for a job and the kind of person who should hired...
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