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Organizational Analysis|
McDonalds Corporation|

McDonald's is the biggest restaurant corporation in the world and second largest employer in the United States, after Walmart. With 500,000 employees serving at over 90,000 branches around the world, McDonald's requires great leaders with more knowledge and skills in Human Resources Management than any other corporation. The following paragraphs pinpoint the external environments affecting the Human Resources decision, exam the strategy for recruitment and retention and, last, discuss the McDonald's approaches to employee performance management, development and reward. I would at the end provide suggestions of improvement for the strategies. For any corporation to succeed, three core elements are essential: mission vision, and value. They are the pillars of a stable and goal oriented organization. For a global corporations like McDonald's, establishing the three pillars takes more effort as diversity and culture be taken into consideration and respect. McDonald's is the most successful restaurant corporation in the world, with branches in over 100 countries and 500,000 employees serving millions of the people around the clock. However, its success story does attract some attacks and criticism, from Hollywood reflecting the consequences of eating fast food they serve to the entitlement of 'McJobs' in dictionary. The entitlement of jobs in McDonald's as 'McJobs' with attachment of low-paying and labour-intensive has been common in the American society. People working in McDonald's are also identified as the lowest class of the society. Criticism comes not only from the general public, but also from professionals. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, McJobs is define as "low-paying and dead-end work".

For McDonald's, criticism is unacceptable and would have serious impacts on the system, increasing employee turnover rate and lowering overall morale. In terms of recruitment, giving the shift of...

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