Mcdonalds Dominance

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English 1001
October 14, 2009
Unit Two Paper

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “golden arches?” McDonalds should be your answer and it is very clear why people get this question right. Not only is McDonalds everywhere, but is also an Americanized icon that has become known all across the world. This fast food empire has been growing rapidly ever since the first franchise was opened on April 15, 1955 in Des Plaines, Illinois. Ray Kroc, a local salesman who helped the McDonald brothers open up the first franchise, became interested in the small fast food store and saw a lot of promise. Kroc later ended up buying the McDonalds Corporation in 1961. The number of restaurants increased to over 1,000 by the decade’s end (“McDonalds Corporation”). McDonalds expanded to all fifty states and finally moved outside the United States to numerous countries throughout the world. Many people from around the world know and have heard of the fast food chain McDonalds. People of every different race have tried McDonald’s food and as a result have put million’s of dollars back into the pockets of those who started the company. It is hard to deny that it has become a global phenomenon. But McDonalds does more than sell hamburgers, this business juggernaut is very successful by providing jobs when they are in need, bringing in revenue for countries, still building more locations, and has become a real estate giant. Even though other companies around the world over the past decade have closed down because of the economic downturn, McDonalds has remained a global power by bringing in millions of dollars each year and helping out the world in times of need, especially by creating jobs. Numerous McDonald’s locations around the world can only mean one thing, providing thousands of jobs. The creation of jobs is especially important because a growing number of individuals are unemployed each day and need to make a living. Jobs are being created now in...

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