Mcdonalds and Society

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McDonalds and Society

McDonalds is one of the largest fast food chain restaurants in the world with over 31,000 stores and serves over 54 million people daily. By the expansion over McDonalds in foreign nations, they are becoming influenced by the McDonald world and societies are widely accepting. McDonalds is links with contemporary society as the company itself and society is transforming faster in the global market and from these concepts, McDonalds can have characterized actions that can shape society. Capitalism is the ideology taken by society at this given time due to the sized of the company today. That being society is a secondary stakeholder, which includes social activists groups, Media, business support groups. This refers to the people in society and groups that affect or are affected by firm behavior (Freeman, 1984) yet do not have a formal contractual or legal bond with the firm (as is the case with employees, customers, and government regulators) (Clarkson, 1995; Eesley & Lenox, 2005), and who are directly or indirectly affected by decisions and activities that it makes. Therefore the McDonalds ways in doing business can be seen from public reactions and the duty of a business corporation to create wealth by using means that avoid harm, to protect or enhance societal assets’ (Frankental, Peter and Frances House, 2000) becomes a social responsibility for McDonalds.

McDonalds creates positive and negative outcomes for the company and society, which are examined in the case. Network society’s place arguments on what McDonalds hinds from the public but also gives reason and alternative solutions to create byline from one and other. By society’s communicating together it represents “a qualitative change in human experiences “This enables both a company and society to elaborated information from all areas that effect them and by focusing on this arguments it create a constitution of new social relationships. In the case The Nonmarket Environment of McDonalds it explains the affects and limitations that McDonalds holds to the wider society and how issues rise and dealt with. The case rises on society issues from a poor nutrition and obesity, public relations and image, and stakeholder reasoning and environmental issues.

The case study “The nonmarket environment of McDonalds” hints that company’s blame McDonalds for a rapid growth of obesity in the United States, and the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and estimates that there are now 400,000 deaths per year. Activists have blamed McDonalds along with other fast food companies with the failure to provide nutritional information on their products.

Obesity is a big problem in today’s society health wise as well as the economy were nearly $122.9 billion it cost tax payers annual in the US. Not eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyles can result in obesity. Film activism movie ‘Supersize Me’ demonstrates by eating McDonalds for 30 days with no exercise resulted in Morgan Spurlock the film maker gain 25 pounds and was warned by doctors about his health. However in response Competitive Enterprise Institute prepared the same film but Soso Whaley who took part in eating McDonalds for 30days lost 18 pounds due to controlling calorie intake. A statement follows saying “focusing on personal responsibility, obesity, and public health, is taking on the increasing victim mentality being fostered by public health activists and the dishonest bashing of the fast food industry.”

Both experiment films from these activist so are both true. I believe that it is up the individual to make chooses on what they eat. Yet by not knowing the healthy nutrition it has let children to develop obesity at young age due to lack of nutrition education. But McDonalds are put at blame as children advertisement in the case outlines that McDonald's promoted its trademark golden arches on Barbie dolls and backpacks, and some schools had McDonald's days for lunch....
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