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The organization in which the operation to be studied is one of the world’s largest chain of fast food restaurants, known as McDonald’s. The unofficial business first began in 1940 by Dick and Mac McDonald in California, with the official first McDonald’s restaurant opening in 1955 in Illinois America, founded by Ray Kroc (McDonald’s, 2008) but the organization has now expanded worldwide into many international markets and has become a symbol of globalization. McDonald’s is a service organization and its products mainly include a variety of different kinds of burgers, chicken products, French fries, soft drinks and milkshakes, breakfast menu and desserts. Many stand alone McDonald’s fast food restaurants have both drive through services and counter services, some restaurant also have indoor or outdoor playgrounds in McDonald’s around suburban and city areas. The organizations vision is to be the “world’s best quick service restaurant experience”(Shafqat, 2008, p.1), which involves running a restaurant that provides excellent quality, service, cleanliness and value. McDonald’s also introduced McCafes because of the high demand trend for coffee shops, this is an example of how well accomplished the organization is. To sum up McDonald’s is the world’s largest chain of fast food restaurants, and currently leading in the fast food market. Description of operationThe operation which exists in McDonald’s and to be the main focus in this project involves service. It is the most important part which occurs in this fast food restaurant and it involves the process of taking orders and getting these orders ready for customers. In brief, the first part of the process in this operation begins at the front counter where orders are taken from customers (this is necessary because of the new system in place, burgers are not pre made anymore but are only made after customer has confirmed their order), there are approximately 3 staff here. The other part, which is the majority of the operation happens in the kitchen in making the order, from my research and interviews the following is a rundown of this process. After the orders are computed in, the front counter screen is connected to the kitchen’s screen which shows the orders, this is called the ‘KVS’. The staff in the kitchen must react to these orders within approximately 5 seconds, trying to complete 1 - 2 orders at a time, where there are 3 orders or more an extra staff member is allocated to the assembly line. There are 3 people standing in the kitchen assembly line, this is where burgers are made, the first person is in charge of toasting the buns and is called the ‘initiator’, the second person is in charge of putting the ‘fillings’ in the buns and is called the ‘assembler’ (if there are 3 plus orders then the extra person helps out this assembler), the final person called the ‘chaser’ puts meat patties in the burgers, and then puts burgers in their box or wrappers. There are 1 to 2 people making the meat patties on a grill (grill product person), they only grill beef, bacon and ‘chicken and onion mix’ for the deli product, they place 10 patties on the grill at a time and when it is done they put approximately 20 patties on a tray and store it in the “UHC” to keep warm. When it is not busy the people doing the grill also do the frying (fries product person), when it is busy there is 1 person especially in charge of this. They only fry chicken patties, fish patties and chicken nuggets, again after the frying is done the patties and nuggets are put in a tray and these trays are stored in the UHC. There is 1 person in charge for the deli products to prepare the lighter choice deli meals. There are 2 people in charge of the drive thru, the first person takes the order and the second one called the ‘runner’ puts the orders in a bag ready to give to the customer. For French fries, firstly there are 4 fry baskets, 2 fryers with oil (2 fry baskets for each fryer), secondly, there is a large...
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