Topics: Hamburger, McDonald's, Obesity Pages: 3 (951 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Nowdays , an increasing number of faster food companies are built in the world. The competition is more and more fiercely. SWOT analysis is necessary in highly competitive environments. SWOT analysis created by Albert Humphrey in order to analyze a business institution or performance and future prospect of a product on the basis of Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and threats (Armstrong. 2006) Strength

In the first of all, the excellent quality of McDonald’s products is the most powerful competitive advantage. Quality assurance teams take responsibility of monitoring the quality of McDonald’s food products, both of all stages of product. Quality assurance teams will visit the secondary supplies such as farm, to monitor the quality of chicken. In addition, they will check all production run records which are sent to McDonald’s supplies. The quality control contains when product arrive in restaurant. No deliveries will be accepted unless a series of quality and safety are finished. Furthermore, McDonald’s does better in service than other faster food companies. When a customer buys a physical product, however, the customer is also purchasing a service, which is called co-production. McDonald places a great emphasis on this aspect. McDonald is not in the hamburger business. Its hamburger is actually not very different from those of the competition. McDonald gives priority to service business, saying that ‘…you deserve a break today,…we do it all for you…’(Fryar 1991,p54). However, McDonald’s competitors have some deficiencies in service marketing. They just focus on their product, ‘…where’s the beef…’ or’…flame-broiled versus fried…’(Fryar 1991,p54). As long as McDonalds hold this position, in fierce competition, it can hold their marketing share and even more increase the marketing share. Subsequently, McDonald's has the biggest share at 19.5 per cent in Australia. Moreover, McDonald's has a well-established global brand that appeals to all age groups and...
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