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1) What process strategy (from the four process strategies) is being applied at McDonald's? The 4 process strategies are:
Process focus
Repetitive focus
Product focus
Mass customization

The process strategy being applied at McDonalds is a REPETITIVE FOCUS, although some argue that they also implement mass customization too. With over 95 billion customers served, McDonalds was focused in repetition with its facilities often organized by assembly or production lines; characterized by modules for many output options and fast service. It is more structured than "process" focused, less structured than "product" focused; enables quasi-customization; and using modules, it enjoys economic advantage of continuous process, and custom advantage of low-volume, high-variety model.

On the contrary, MASS CUSTOMIZATION refers to the process of delivering wide-market goods and services that are customized to satisfy a specific customer need. Does McDonalds do this in the USA?

In 1995, Taylor and Lyon reported MASS CUSTOMIZATION as an alternative to McDonaldization. They recognized that fast-food companies, including McDonald's, have experienced the same sources of discontinuity as other mass producers, creating extreme pressure for change. Burger King was the first one to embrace the principles of mass customization - "Have it your way!" and "Sometimes you've gotta break the rules!" The focus then was on burgers and fries but later shifts testified that this was only the start. Using McDonald's as an example, it can be seen that standardization is still a characteristic of its operations. However, its menu has been expanded not only to suit local tastes and preferences but also to offer more variety. Pizza, fajitas, breakfast burritos, submarine sandwiches, spaghetti and meatballs, carrot and celery sticks were included in some menus.

Internationally, for McDonald's in France the menu is written in three to five different languages,...
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