Mcdonald Marketing of Service

Topics: McDonald's, Marketing, Fast food restaurant Pages: 32 (12681 words) Published: September 23, 2012
Table of Contents
Executive Summary4
1Company’s Corporate and Marketing Objectives6
2Situation Analysis7
2.1External Environment7
2.1.1PESTLE Analysis7
2.1.2Competitive Audit10
2.2Internal Environment11
2.2.1Internal Environment11
2.3Goods or Services Continuum14
2.4Services Characteristics14
2.5Core and Peripheral Elements15
2.5.1Core Elements16
2.5.2Supplementary Elements16
2.6Bundle of Benefits Offered19
3Customer Analysis19
3.1Target Marketing19
3.1.1Geographic Segmentation20
3.1.2Demographic Segmentation20
3.1.3Psychographic Segmentation21
3.1.4Behavioural Segmentation21
3.2Customer Expectations and Perceived Benefits22
3.3Perceived Risks22
3.3.1Strategy to Reduce Risks23
3.4Service duration, Emotional Content, Consumer Involvement Influences and Relationships24
3.5Level of Customer-provider Interaction24
3.6Customer Experience in Service Delivery25
3.7Boundary Spanning Services25
5Service Product Analysis25
5.1The role of Physical Evidence and Servicescape25
5.2Cognitive and Affective Response26
5.3Physical Evidence as a Competitive Advantage27
6Service Provider Analysis28
7Current Pricing Strategies29
8Current Promotional Strategies32
9Methods of Supply and Demand Management33
10Analysis of Customer Quality, Satisfaction, Perceived Value and Customer Retention Efforts35
10.1McDonald’s Current Measures of Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Perceived Value and Customer Relation Efforts35
10.1.1McDonald’s Current Measures of Quality35
10.1.2McDonald’s Current Customer Satisfaction36
10.1.3Perceived Value and Customer Relation37
10.2Perceived Value and Strategies Currently Used to Build Customer Relationships38
10.3Conduct Research, How it Is Organized, How Frequent, and the Effectiveness39
11Marketing Strategies39
11.1Positioning Strategy39
11.2Market Share Strategy40
11.3Placement Strategy41
12Reference List42


This marketing plan project would not have been possible without the support of many people. We would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Anthony Chia as our lecture for his patient in guidance, constructive suggestions and valuable critics, during the development and progress for this services marketing plan report. His willingness to lend his time for explaining to us has been very much appreciated. We would also like to thank the staff of McDonald’s organisation for enabling us to come to the restaurants in order to obtain various information through observation for the academic purpose. Deepest gratitude are also given for our classmates for sharing the literature and suggestions. Last but not least, we wish to thank our parents, family and friends for their understanding and encouragement for us in the duration of our studies.

Executive Summary
McDonald’s is one of the biggest worldwide quick service restaurant chains which served over 50 million customers every day across the world and have been successful for over 50 years with their several of marketing and service plans. This paper, there will be in-depth discussion about McDonald’s services marketing plans which have made them become world leading fast food restaurants besides Subway. By implementing every of the marketing strategies based on their five marketing objectives which are profitability, consumer satisfaction, quality service , community outreach, and reputable image, McDonald’s has been a very demanding fast food restaurants which operates with 30,000 restaurants over the world . Moreover, situational analysis of Singapore which has been supporting McDonald’s business will also be described in this paper. This...
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