McDonald in India

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Executive Summery
1. Introduction
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1.1. History of the Industry (internet)
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1.2. History of the company
McDonald is a world famous fast food chain restaurant. In California, the concept of McDonald was introduced by two brothers named Mac (Maurice) and Dick (Richard) McDonald. In 1940, the restaurant was renamed to McDonald’s Famous Barbeque from Airdrome restaurant (located near the airport), which was ran by their father, Patrick McDonald in 1937. In 1940, two brothers figured out most of the profit were coming from selling hamburger. Hence, they made their menu very simple by selling only hamburger, cheeseburger, soft drinks French fries and apple pie etc. In 1954, Ray Kroc a seller of multimixer milkshake brought a turning point in the history of McDonald. He liked the idea of McDonalds and started expanding their business by opening franchises for McDonalds. In 1960, McDonald’s advertising campaign “look for the golden arches” gave McDonald’s sale a big boost. 1965 Corporation went public and in 1968 McDonald opened its 1000th restaurant. By 2000’s, McDonalds entered into UK, New Zealand, Jerusalem and some Asian countries etc. McDonald’s had quite a long history in Asia. It entered the Japanese market in 1971, which as followed by entry into other newly industrializing economy such as Singapore and Hong Kong. McDonald’s entered into Into India in 1996. and its joint venture partners had opened 46 restaurants between 1995 and December 2002. They initially opened their restaurant in Mumbai and Delhi, where they can find the customers who could actually afford their food from expensive restaurant like McDonald. Later on McDonald extended their outlets all over India. Till now McDonald has been one of the leading fast food chain restaurant due to their innovation and diversification even after facing many ups and downs.

1.3. Market Share
According to a report published by...
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