McDonald case (capstone)

Topics: Hamburger, Corporate social responsibility Pages: 9 (1750 words) Published: September 8, 2015

Case analysis

Sadikchya Acharya
International American University
Kings College
Babarmahal Kathmandu
MBA Capstone

Prof. Dr Raj Kumar Sharma
Kings College
Babarmahal Kathmandu

Dated: 5th September, 2015
Introduction and Background
The case of McDonald’s actually we are doing it today but in actual KFC, MC Donald’s ,PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Wal-Mart, Tata, Reliance, Unlived NY stock exchange are some of the companies we have been through while undergoing our MBA. I personally feel closer with these companies may be because of them we have learnt a lot as our facilitator and our course books and our syllabus mentions many examples and all of them are mostly related to all those great companies. So, I am excited to write about one of the top companies that is McDonalds as my first case paper. I have learnt a lot from this company and I truly hope I could express most of my learning’s in this paper today. McDonalds Corporation which is a billion worth company today was established with the long vision of growth and prosperity all around the globe as the leading fast food industry as they have today. It has its headquarter in Oak Brookville, U.S. going back to the history it has a interesting story which is even known as coffee case of their starting around 16 years back a n old lady ordered 49 cent cup of coffee from her window of car at a local McDonalds restaurant situated at Gibson boulevard south east. With her grandson where she accidently spills coffee which makes the third degree burns and the company was taken to the court which made them compensate 20 thousand dollars to lady. But at last the settlement was made secret with the party so until now nobody knows about the last hearing of the case. This is one of the example of their hurdles the more came with the death of the two more experienced CEO of McDonalds which led them face the poor strategic decisions and poorly marketing techniques. As passing down the complications and hurdles on their lives the company moved themselves as the leader brand for the fast food brand with the current CEO don Thompson where till the year 2013 they already had 180000 employees all around the world. At the starting from bad strategy to improving and good strategy they have marketed themselves to be the best among many of the same services provider some of the competitors of them are Burger king, Subway, Wendy’s. The company improvised themselves with the new entrants of the very good CEO for the company James Thompson who not only change the plan and strategies but improvised the vision and mission of the organization they were good regarding operational excellence during that period of time. After the entrance of the new CEO Mr. Thompson their profit ratios were even changed and the strategy of operational excellence includes all the cleanliness, value creation of the customers. The commitment and the dedication of the motivated employees with skill man power has taken McDonalds to the new phase and the ethical business operation with CSR and continuous improvement system model led them be the best among the customers which led to the prosperity for the organization and growth was also tremendous. After the mid 50 they have planned for the franc sing and they got their franchise to the India and they started their operation to India. McDonalds past present and future marketing

Marketing for any organization is done to add and create value for the McDonalds they have use all 4Ps of marketing to be what they actually are today. Product
It shows how the product is designed which satisfies the need of the customer. In the case of McDonalds how it will enhance the customer experience is also the point. McDonalds includes the design, packaging, looks and desirability of their product. It includes services which are intangible and tangible products are the scene for example the burger. It has its product depth and width, while operating to any place...

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