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Current Marketing Situation (SWOT)
McDonalds holds a very strong brand name worldwide. (1)
Clean environment and play areas for children where they can enjoy their time. (2) New menus to accommodate their loyal customers and to attract newer target markets. (3) McDonalds trade-marketed their specialty coffee. (4)

McDonalds is the world’s largest restaurant organization in more than 100 countries and on 6 continents. (3) Sales increased 7.4% in 2008, confidence market toward McDonald. (5) Strong and wide communication channel in the market. (5)

Helped sponsor the Olympics (6)
McDonald’s alliance with Wal-Mart has increased sales revenue dollars. (9) Great partnership with Coca-Cola. (11)
Active children charity- The Ronald McDonald Charity. (12)
Ability to adapt when faced with criticism. (5)
Introduction of new products/food items on menu. (3)
Large market sale. (1)
Strong global presence. (1)
Professional training for employees and managers- Hamburger University. (13) Large influential target groups. (14)
Provides nutritional information to the consumers. (3)

McDonald brand association as junk foods. (5)
A lot of slandering in regards to obesity associated with the traditional menu. (5) High staff- turnover rate including management, resulting to elevated training costs. (8) Until recently had fewer options for a healthy menu. (3)

Negative image due to media sources such as “Super-Size Me”. (3) Advertising techniques that mostly only target children. (14) Budget focused consumers. (15)
Customer losses due to other competitors. (4)

Opportunity to enlarge market, the consumers who care about healthy issue. (5) Slightly changing market brand image about McDonald. (5)
To make consumers eat not only traditional food but also healthy food- decrease obesity. (5) Promoting a healthier image with calorie information on menu (7) Low cost menu (value) that will attract customers. (16)

Freebies and discounts. (17)
Growth of the fast food industry. (4)
Growing health trends in consumers. (18)
Continued focus on corporate social responsibility, reducing impact on the environment- opportunity to go green. (20) Joint ventures with retailers. (9)
International expansion within growing markets into China and India. (3) WIFI has started attracting new and existing customers. (21)

Changing taste of the consumers. (5)
Public attack about obesity issue. (5)
Faces increased competition from Burger King, Worldwide Inc. and Wendy's Co. The rival fast-food chains are revamping their menus and updating their marketing campaigns to compete. (4) Fast food industry is becoming an increasingly competitive sector.(4) Foreign currency fluctuations are another conflict for global companies like McDonalds. More health conscious consumers. (18)

Recessions or downturns in the economy can affect the fast food industry. (22) Social changes – Government and consumer groups are encouraging balanced meals, 5 a day fruit and vegetables. (19) McDonald’s promotion schemes/rigging from outsiders. (3)

Market Segments
Target Market
Full Nesters
Male and Females:13-19;
McDonalds offers a friendly environment which is suitable for students and teenagers of school to hang out with their friends and can order their lunch at McDonalds. Parents with young children;
McDonalds offers products like Happy Meal which includes a free toy for kids. Geographic
Students are appearance and physique conscious. They are usually into fitness and gyms due to media influences. Product makes their children happy without the hassle of cooking. Behavioral
Students are into the fast food industry. A restaurant that provides food that tastes good, cost efficient, and is on the go will be in their preference. It is a quick and easy way to provide lunch or dinner for their family.

Issue Analysis...

Bibliography: Ruggless, Ron. 2006 THE YEAR IN REVIEW. 18 December 2006. 04 10 2012 . (22)
Schaaf, Dick
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