Mcdonald's Marketing Plan

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Executive Summary
The report highlights various marketing aspects of one of the most successful brands in the world, McDonald’s. The introduction provides an overview about how the company came into being and how it turned into an international franchising corporation starting from being just a local burger stand in the United States. Moreover brief details about the Ronald McDonald mascot and the golden arch logo have been given as well. The mission statement of McDonald’s has also been given, perhaps the most significant part of which is providing customers with quick and friendly service. The report then goes on to answering the main questions of the assessment. The first part is concerned with describing the marketing process. The marketing process comprises of 4 components namely analyzing opportunities, selecting target markets, developing the marketing mix and managing the marketing effort. All in all McDonald’s carries out an effective marketing research enabling it to discover unfulfilled customer needs and updating or introducing food items accordingly. The report then goes on to talk about the sections of a marketing plan for McDonald’s. McDonald’s has become one of the most famous brand names globally and this has been achieved partly through their marketing plan. It is through detailed situational and SWOT analyses, successful marketing objectives, strategies, action programs and the ability to move with technological advances, changes in social and cultural trends that McDonald’s has become what it has.. They have tried to attract all types of consumers with effective pricing and promotional strategies and hence have succeeded in building up their reputation as a reliable and a good brand. Then the report talks about the market implementation process which talks about various options such as how McDonald’s advertises in public and making the public aware of the products, and the most effective way to make them crave for it! Last part of the report deals with the approaches to marketing an organization. Research strengthens the fact that having a systematic organizational structure is the best approach in marketing an organization. By creating departments on specific attributes, the structuring process would be complete. Functional, Geographical and Product Management Organization are the three kinds of organizational structures. Studies show McDonalds follows the geographical structure and have proved to be successful in marketing the organization as a whole.

Table of Contents
Content| Page|
Introduction to McDonald’s| 3|
The marketing process| 4|
Sections of a marketing plan| 6|
The marketing implementation process| 9|
Approaches to marketing an organization| 11|
References| 13|
Appendices| 15|

Introduction to McDonald’s
McDonald’s corporation is the world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, serving nearly 47 million customers every day. It operates in nearly 119 countries with over 31,000 outlets. The idea of McDonald’s initially began in May 15, 1940 by Dick and Mac McDonald who had opened a small burger stand in San Bernardino, California. They came up with the concept of “Speedee Service System” in 1948 which is interestingly is the foundation of the modern day fast food restaurant concept. Later on McDonald’s turned into a corporation on April 15, 1955 when Ray Croc took over the business after a dispute. The mascot of “Speedy” was eventually replaced with Ronald McDonald in 1967. Branding has played a very important part in the international recognition of McDonald’s. Branding gives a personality to the organization’s products and helps in creating and maintaining the customer loyalty.  The modern double arched golden/yellow "M" symbol came to being...

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