Mcdonald's Analysis

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McDonald’s internal analysis consists of resources and capabilities. Some of the resources consist of extensive financial and physical capital: The large extensive financial and physical capital McDonalds possess allows their firm’s to expand nationally and globally. There are currently 31,000 restaurants over 119 countries. The management at McDonalds provides a culture of corporate governance. This motivates management teams to continuously deliver a quality standard of service and financial performance which could be supported by figures that even amid an economic downturn, the company still maintained a 3.8% sales growth in 2009. Another intangible resource is McDonalds’ trademark, the golden arch; this is a valuable resource to the company because it conveys a quality of food and service to customer that generates loyalty.
McDonald’s capabilities differ from their resources; some of these capabilities are used to differentiate themselves from other fast food chains. McDonalds’ marketing ability allows them to generate impressive advertising campaigns, which helps create an image for the company that their quality of food and service is above fast food chain. McDonalds places a large emphasis on human resource management. Human resource management is the training and development for employees. This allows McDonalds to create manuals for new franchises to ensure consistency and quality of its service and products. Corporate culture and governance plays a large part in McDonalds capabilities, its Plan to Win business model allows the firm to keep in pace with the changing culture and to introduce new products and menus that are more inline with current consumers’ tastes and trends. Its corporate foundation is built on integrity and trust - ensure that the firm and employees’ focuses are on delivering quality services and food. a McDonald's Strength and Weakness

McDonald's has over 60 years experience in operating fast food restaurants.Their strong

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