Mcdonald’s Success Strategy and Global Expansion Through Customer Satisfaction

Topics: Customer service, Customer relationship management, Sales process engineering Pages: 5 (1460 words) Published: March 29, 2011
Mcdonald’s Success Strategy And Global Expansion Through CustomeR SATISFACTION Bahaudin G. Mujtaba, Bina Patel, Nova Southeastern University, Journal of Business Case Studies – Third Quarter 2007 This study was conducted for some of the most successful restaurant one amoung was Mcdonald’ds whose effective management and global expansion strategies has led this corporation to achieve big success. This research was done for Mcdonald’s where they have achieved big success in the food industry by offering best quality product. The research revealed that the customer actually can trust Mcdonald’s who provie them with the food of high quality ingredients. Where the supplier who supplies the ingredients are the most trusted vensors. This very thing led Mcdonald’s corporation to become in Indian market, where people today are very much health conscious and want best food quality. This thing was well understood by Mcdonald’s and thus provided customers with the best quality product.

customer-satisfaction rating of all the major retail sectors in INDIA the University of Michigan business school, 2004, Vol. 38 Issue 10, p6-77, 2p reports on the research of the survey conducted by the university of Michigan business school, where the study of customer satisfaction level of customers and their rating was recorded to check the performance of all major retail chains of restaurants. Where Papa john’s as the highest scorer among the quick service chain where Mcdonald’s stood at second place in terms of customer satisfaction. So the research was actually done to know the real position of Mcdoonald’s considering customer service as their main focus for the chain. The ultimate aim of service marketing is not just to become a service leader but creating a service brand is a big deal because that is only the key to achieving this aim of service marketing. So Mcdonald’s during its delivery process each moment of interaction between the firm and the customer called moments of truth. This helped them to understand the opportunities that a firms has to win or to loose customer. Every time they observe who all cisotmers are coming and how are they being treated etc. Garber, Amy, Nation's Restaurant News, 2005, Vol. 39 Issue 22, p1-47, 2p

Usha Lenka is Assistant Professor (Management Group), BITS, Pilani Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in Manufacturing-oriented Services This article basically talked about quality management practices that has been adopted by sefvice sector as well as manufacturing sector. Here the critical assessment of McDonlad’s as a food industry part in service sector was done where various various quality and customer satisfaction models divulge the variables that are proposed to influence serivece quality and customer satisfaction. Then the results which came out was that those variables were categorized into soft and hard aspects of quality management. The soft aspects whicha re needed to be taken care of are leadership, service climate HRM etc while hard aspects incorporate the MIS and physical evidence.

E.W.T. Ngai, (2005) "Customer relationship management research (1992-2002): An academic literature review and classification", Marketing Intelligence & Planning, Vol. 23 Iss: 6, pp.582 – 605 Purpose- analyzing the effects of service with respect to customer relationship management.

McDonald's was looking for improved functionality for their customer satisfaction group as well as a tool that provided the company with real-time access, via flexible and comprehensive reporting, to the data that was collected from customers each day.

The solution allows McDonald's to track more than 600
types of diverse customer issues through issue codes, as well as enable them to capture other very specific types of information from customers regarding their experiences at McDonald's
restaurants nationwide
company focused on customer care and loyalty solutions, today announced a partnership with...
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