Mcdonald’s: Serving Fast Food

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Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald’s restaurant in 1955. He offered a limited menu of high quality, moderately priced food served fast in spotless surroundings. McDonald’s QSC&V (Quality, Service, Cleanliness, and Value) was a hit. The chain expanded into every state in nation. By 1983, it had over 6000 restaurants in United States.

In 1967, McDonald’s opened its first restaurant outside the United States, in Canada. By 1985 international sales represented about one-fifth of McDonald’s total revenue. Yet fast food had barely touched many cultures. While 90% of Japanese in Tokyo had never eaten McDonald’s Hamburger, in Europe, McDonald’s maintained a very small percentage of restaurant sales but command a large share of fast food market. It took the company 14 years of planning before it opened a restaurant in Moscow. But the planning paid off. People stand in line up to 2 hours for a Hamburger. After waiting for such a long time they had to pay $14.40 (at the official rate) for a Big Mac and French Fries. Despite the high prices, McDonald’s restaurant in Moscow attracts more visitors on the average 27,000 daily the Lenin mausoleum (about 9000 people), which used to visit the place.

The taste of American Fast Food is growing more rapidly in countries abroad than at home. McDonald’s international sales have been increasing by a large percentage every year. Every day more than 18 million people in over 40 countries eat at McDonald’s.

Its traditional menu has been surprisingly successful. People with diverse dining habits have adopted burgers and fries wholeheartedly. Before McDonald’s introduced the Japanese to French Fries, potatoes were used in Japan only to make starch. The Germans thought Hamburgers were people from the city of Hamburg. Now, McDonald’s also serves chicken, sausages, and salads and sandwiches.

The fast, family oriented service, the cleanliness and the value...
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