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As it can be seen on in the Interbrand best global brands ranking, McDonald’s is ranked quite high (number 6) on the list, which means McDonald’s have very high brand equity. How did they manage to gain such a high brand equity? A nice example of one the many ways McDonalds tried to build brand equity was the initiative to build Ronald McDonald House Charities at 1974 which try to provide a better life for children around the world. Ronald McDonald House of Charities has many programs such as Ronald McDonald House, Ronald McDonald Care Mobile, Ronald McDonald Family Rooms and Ronald McDonald Scholarship. Today, it has a network of over 174 local charities service which is serving in 32 countries around the world. Moreover Ronald McDonald House of Charities also gives grants to other non-profit organizations whose programs help children in need. Ronald McDonald House of Charities contributes McDonald’s brand equity through six ways. They are building brand awareness, enhancing brand image, establishing brand credibility, evoking brand feelings, creating a sense of brand community and eliciting brand engagement. First of all, brand awareness, Ronald McDonald House of Charities makes customers easier to recognize the McDonald’s brand because they always use McDonald’s elements in all of their activities. Therefore, customer will be familiar with the McDonald because they often see the brand elements of McDonald through Ronald McDonald House of Charities. By using Ronald McDonald House of Charities, McDonald’s can build a positive image in the society. As a social organization, Ronald McDonald House of Charities makes customers feel that McDonald as the owner of Ronald McDonald House of Charities is generous and doing good things. In other words, McDonald has a responsibility to the society which enhances the brand image of McDonald’s. Establishing brand credibility is the third means which is taken by Ronald McDonald House of Charities in order to build brand...
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