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McDonald is one of the most successful enterprises in the world. It was established by Ray Kroc in 1955. It now has more than 30,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries around the world.

It is the largest quick service restaurant organization in the world. The key factor for it success is it has a quick response to cope pace with the environment changes. There are more than 200 restaurants in Hong Kong. And it employs about 10000 people, including full time and part time. How can it manage so many employees in order to help them to suit with the changes?

Organization is made of people. Human resources management (HRM) becomes more and more important nowadays. As training and development (T&D) is one of the key factors to help the employees meet with the changes, we want to discover more about the T&D philosophy of McDonald.

McDonald does a lot on T&D for its employees, like skill-based training, customer services training, communication skill training, management training, etc. In this report, we will focus on three programmes that the McDonald implements. They are Restaurant Management Training, Crew Training System and Hamburger University. They would be discuss in detail in the coming section.

McDonald’s success today is built on the high quality products and service delivered to the customers. High quality employees are the first step to achieve these. In McDonald’s, Crew Training System plays an important role in cultivating basic skills needed for food production, customer service, and performing cleaning tasks. This is mainly an “on-the-job” training, in which crew trainers work shoulder-to-shoulder with trainees, in order to facilitate them acquire the basic skills needed for the operations, ranging from front counter to grill area. After the initial training period, the performance of crew is rated using “Observation Checklist” and this rating will go towards the appraisal grading.

McDonald’s do promote crew members to...
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