McCrae and Costa's Concept of Introversion and Extraversion

Topics: Anxiety, Psychology, Personality psychology Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Case Study 36: Costa and McCrea
1.According to McCrae and Costa, Neuroticism are factors or traits characterized by anxiousness, depression, tension, irrational behavior, moodiness, low self-esteem, guilt feelings, worriedness, insecurity nervousness and are high strung. Sabrina would score high in neuroticism because she possesses some of the traits or factors. In the case study, Sabrina is insecure and has a low self-esteem because she is not satisfied with her body and she wishes to have surgery to correct her supposed “defects” such as her nose too big, her small breast, she looks fat even though she is not, she also wants to look less African-American . 2.Openness to experience according to McCrae and Costa is characterized by factors such as originality, independence, creativity and a daring attitude. Sabrina would also score high on this because she is very original and creative, an example is that when Sabrina dresses up for her job as a waitress, she tries out different roles; wearing loud, flamboyant and gregarious outfits in order to perfect her acting skills. She is also very daring and independent; Sabrina likes to try new things, such as dressing in the bohemian way and incorporating African-American styles as well, she also tries different foods which include Ethiopian food, and she also loves to travel. 3.McCrae and Costa’s concept of introversion and extraversion is very similar to that of Carl Jung. They both see extraverts as outgoing, open, sociable, and lively and oriented to the external world, introverts are seen as shy people. Carl believes that everyone possesses both attitudes and can exhibit both but only one is dominant, and while Eysenck believes that these attitudes or traits tends to remain stable throughout one’s life despite the different social and environmental experiences people have.
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