Topics: Flavor, Food, Food preservation Pages: 4 (1139 words) Published: January 17, 2013
“Since 1889, McCormick has been the Company (McCormick) to turn to for flavor expertise. Today the world relies on their prized consumer brands, trusted ingredients and culinary know-how. McCormick is a global leader in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of spices, seasonings and flavors to the entire food industry. Customers range from retail outlets and food manufacturers to food service businesses.” The McCormick & Company was started in Baltimore, in one room and a cellar by 25-year-old Willoughby M. McCormick. McCormick’s first products were root beer, flavoring extracts, and fruit syrups and juices, sold under "Bee Brand" and "Silver Medal" trademarks; "Iron Glue" (Sticks Everything But the Buyer) and "Uncle Sam's Nerve and Bone Liniment" (For Man Or Beast). Products were sold door-to-door and the motto was "Make the Best - Someone Will Buy It." In 1896 McCormick bought F. G. Emmett Spice Company of Philadelphia. All machinery was shipped to Baltimore, as the firm prepared to enter the spice field. In the 1900’s its export office opened in New York City, products were shipped to South and Central America, South Africa, East and West Indies, and Europe. The "Banquet Brand" was established for spices and mustard and they incorporated in Maine, and the firm now enjoyed a wide good standing reputation as manufacturing chemist, drug & spice millers, importers and exporters. The company suffered a great loss of all material assets and records in the Great Baltimore Fire, but within 10 months, a new five-story building was erected on the old site. McCormick added "Bee Brand" Tea to the product line and became one of the first manufacturers of tea in gauze pouches, thereby introducing "tea bags." In the summer of 1912, Charles P. McCormick began working as shipping department clerk and in 1925 he was elected to the Board of Directors. On November 4, 1093 the founder Willoughby McCormick died, thereby leaving 36-year-old C. P. McCormick as...
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