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Fieldwork 2
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by Brock Hard on 25 September 2013 6
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Transcript of Fieldwork 2
Fieldwork 2
Mobile Media as a Platform for the Internet
New Social Expectations
The Integration of the Internet into every facet of daily life brings with it new social expectations

The Self and the Online Self
-Mobile Media as extensions of the internet.

-They have created an emphasis on social activity.

-Have created a space for social experimentation.

The Internet created the social need that mobile media caters to. The online self is a representation of an individuals ideal self, the way in which they want to be perceived by others

The Inward and outward self are both reflected in these online hubs in the way an individual show's their physical self (their photo's, status', posts etc) "explicitly conceived as an intervention into the styles and genre of contemporary culture - notably mobile phone culture, internet cultures and the broader scene of digital cultures." (Goggin 2009, 231)

Mobile media devices can be described as platforms from which its multitude of applications and services are accessed through a fundamental connection to the internet.

"mobile phones 'affect every aspect of our personal and professional lives either directly or indirectly" (Humphreys, 2006, 811).

Enables the integration of the Internet into every facet of every day life.

How online spaces change relations in the real world
examples of tacit rules in the social media age and how it spills over to real life:

- The expectation to have over an arbitrary amount of online friends

-The expectation to use social media regularly

-The expectation to add newly met friends as soon as possible

"There is a complex interplay between fashion, the body, social groups and such technology" (Humphreys 2006, 812) References
"Connected social society" YouTube video, 1:30 ,...

References: "Connected social society" YouTube video, 1:30 , posted by "fmpmediatv" March 20, 2011
Goggin, G. (2009). Adapting the mobile phone: the iPhone and its consumption. Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies, 23 (2) (231)Reprinted in New Media Technologies (MCC315/615) Unit Reader 2013, 231. Murdoch, WA: Murdoch University
"How to Manage Social Expectations Online" YouTube video, 1:35, posted by "geekbeattv" September 16, 2013
Humphreys, L. (2006). Cellphones in public: Social interactions in a wireless era. New Media & Society, 7(6). Reprinted in New Media Technologies (MCC315/615) Unit Reader 2013, 811, 812. Murdoch, WA: Murdoch University
“How do mobile media technologies change people and their social interactions and relations?”
The rise of mobile media devices has seen with it the rise of new social trends and expectations, this presentation aims to outline some new social expectations and interactions surrounding this technology
Less pressure exists on the physical as the online self can be represented in any way shape or form an individual desires.
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