Mbo in Unilever

Topics: Unilever, Human resource management, Management Pages: 30 (6059 words) Published: May 11, 2009
Management by Objectives


Karachi University Business School

Prepared by

MBA-1 Students Group

Group Leader: Fahad Shamim

Group Members:

Abbas Saleemian
Abdul Moiz Sani
Ali Affan Yaqoob
Anwar Mughees Alam
Ayesha Khalid Hussain Khan
Ambreen Shoukat
Beena Kamal
Beenish Jawed
Faraz Mehmood

Table of contents

TopicsPage No

Management by Objectives-------------------------------------------------------------1

Introduction to Unilever ---------------------------------------------------------------2-4

SWOT Analysis of Unilever-----------------------------------------------------------5-6

Strategy in Action-----------------------------------------------------------------------7-8

Hierarchy of objectives------------------------------------------------------------------9

Overall Strategic Objectives-----------------------------------------------------------10

Departmental Hierarchy----------------------------------------------------------------11

Organizational Hierarchy--------------------------------------------------------------12

Delegation of objectives-------------------------------------------------------------13-14

Skill and Competency------------------------------------------------------------------15

Training in Unilever--------------------------------------------------------------------16

Motivations and Skill Development Programs-----------------------------------17-20

Performance Evaluation in Unilever-----------------------------------------------21-22

Employee Consideration in Unilever------------------------------------------------23


Unilever’s Portfolio--------------------------------------------------------------------24

Legal Structure--------------------------------------------------------------------------25

Share Listing----------------------------------------------------------------------------26 Acknowledgment

This report is a complete team effort of all the group members. Many people contributed in the making of the report. We want to thank all for their assistance. First, we are thankful to our teacher Mr. Mehmood Arshad who guided us on each step of making and composing the report. We all are very thankful to Mr. Khalid Hussain Khan who generously contributed in our report, managed our meeting in the Unilever and provided much information regarding the organization. We also convey gratitude to Mr. Ismail Tahir, Human Resource Business Partner Unilever, for managing time for us and giving us detailed information and knowledge about the Unilever and its functionality.

We, group members of MBA-I Karachi University Business School (KUBS), again thank to acknowledge the support and contribution to this report.

Management by Objective (MBO)

Management by objectives (MBO) is a systematic and organized approach that allows management to focus on achievable goals and to attain the best possible results from available resources.

Management by Objectives (MBO) aims to increase organizational performance by aligning goals and subordinate objectives throughout the organization.

MBO helps also an individual to set his or her personal development goals.

It aims to increase organizational performance by aligning goals and subordinate objectives throughout the organization. Ideally, employees get strong input to identify their objectives, time lines for completion, etc. MBO includes ongoing tracking and feedback in the process to reach objectives.

Management by Objectives (MBO) was first outlined by Peter Drucker in 1954 in his book ‘The Practice of Management’. In the 90s, Peter Drucker himself decreased the significance of this organization management method, when he said: “It’s just another tool. It is not the great cure for management inefficiency... Management by Objectives works if you know the objectives,...
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