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Problem Solution: USA World Bank
Michelle Madsen, Ashurina Jebri, Christopher Parker, Michael MacDonald, Nate Frost, Steven Hansman, and Lucellea Rodriguez
University of Phoenix

Problem Solution: USA World Bank
Intro(remove after inserted)
Situation Analysis
Issue and Opportunity Identification
Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas
Mary Monroe and Brian Allen, President of New Product Development, are two of the key stakeholders in the USA World Bank scenario. Mary and Brian in the end have the final word regarding which product will be presented to the board of directors to obtain approval to begin the year’s new product launch. They are feeling anxiety to show results with this year’s new product and find them in a business dilemma when the research supporting the consumer product is questioned. Mary and Brian must decide whether to move forward with the product proposal or suggest an alternate product. Bea Hansen, a recent member to the USA World Bank board of directors, becomes a major stakeholder in the scenario because she is the only stakeholder who has taken time to review the research data behind the business proposal that Brian Allen presents. Bea has a background in statistics and wants decisions to be made using information that is accurate, valid, and in compliance with the highest standards. As a board member, Bea has an ethical obligation to point out any statistical discrepancies. Allowing a product to launch using imperfect information could lead to loss of profits, time, and resources. Jim Wilson has been with the company for only four years. In that time however, he has increased the small business customer base by 40% because of his thriving relationship building skills. Jim believes that launching a small business credit card product is the solution that USA World Bank needs for this year. He has performed his own research using focus groups, which in the past has led him to launch other successful business products. Jim also believes that if the company does not launch a small business credit product this year that this segment may see customer attrition by up to 40%. Best Market Research Company is another stakeholder in this scenario. This company provided Mary Monroe with the final research results to determine the market need for a rewards-based credit card for consumers. Bea Hansen has called the data obtained by Best to question, as has reason to believe the data may be subject to sampling errors. The company must prove the information provided is valid, or possibly conduct a new study to pacify the stakeholders, or the company runs the risk of losing potential business with USA World Bank.

Problem Statement
End-State Vision
Alternative Solutions
Analysis of Alternative Solutions
Risk Assessment and Mitigation Techniques Optimal Solution
Implementation Plan
Evaluation of Results
Table 1
Issue and Opportunity Identification
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