Mba - Unit 1 Strategic Management

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Section 1

Demonstrate how you would assess personal and professional skills required to achieve strategic goals:

-Demonstrate how you would use appropriate methods to evaluate personal skills required to achieve strategic goals -Explain how you would apply techniques to assess the professional skills required to support the strategic direction of the organization

In order for an organization to be successful and maintain long term sustainability it needs to ensure that there are effective strategic managers who are well aware of the goals and objectives of the organization so that they can work towards the goals and objectives efficiently and effectively (Williams & McWilliams 2010).

There are various skills that a strategic manager should have but some of the skills that are highly essential are time management skills, management skills, stress management skills, problem solving skills, motivational skills, good communication skills, decision making skills and leadership skills. These skills are further divided and assigned into two categories; Personal skills and Professional skills (Williams & McWilliams 2010).

In my case, I am responsible for the overall operations of the company whether that be any project established or upcoming. Hence I need to ensure that I use my skills are in a proper manner so that they are in line with the organization’s strategic goals.

Personal skills explained in simple terms are the ability to do something. These skills are very essential to every individual whether they be an employee in a company or a student in a university. They play a very important role for managers as they are perceived as a role model for their staff. Time management, stress management and communications skills form part of personal skills.

I would use the method of skills audit to evaluate the personal skills that are required to achieve strategic goals. A skills audit is a process whereby it will help me to think about the things that I am good at and those that require further development (Dadwal n.d.). My organization recommends a skills audit for each of its employees. Another method that I focus on is the feedback method. Considering our company is very new we have monthly feedback session with the director which further helps us to acknowledge our weak and strong points.

Professional skills include skills such as counseling and mentoring, leadership, and presentation skills.

In terms of assessing my personal skills I use the SWOT analysis. This is a possible approach whereby I can identify my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and weaknesses. This identification is intended to help an individual their development needs and wants (Dadwal n.d.). I believe this helps me in developing my career in a direction where I take optimum advantage of my talents, abilities, and opportunities. Section 2

Demonstrate how you would conduct a skills audit to identify learning style: -Demonstrate how you would carry out a skills audit to evaluate the strategic skills needed to meet current and future leadership requirements -Explain how you would apply appropriate techniques to identify preferred learning style

A skills audit is whereby one can review their existing skill against the skills that are required in your current as well as future role. It helps in identifying existing skills, identifies what skills might be required in order to carry out your current role, planning effectively, developing and improving the skills and knowledge required for future career. Skills audit is carried out as a five stage process. Stage 1 - Existing Skills and Knowledge Identification

The first stage is writing down the knowledge and skills which are considered important for the current role. This can normally be obtained from the job description.

Stage 2 - Future Skills and Knowledge Identification
This is noting down the knowledge and skills that are considered to be...

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