Mba Syllabus

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MBA 1ST Semester

CODES| SUBJECT TITLE| INTERNAL MARKS| EXTERNALMARKS| CREDITUNITS| Lecture| Tutorial| Practical| MBT 401| Management Fundamentals| 40| 60| 4| 4| 0| 0| MBT 402| Managerial Economics| 40| 60| 4| 4| 0| 0|

MBT 403| Quantitative Techniques for Managers| 40| 60| 4| 3| 2| 0| MBT 404| Accounting for Managers| 40| 60| 4| 3| 2| 0| MBT 405| Organizational Behaviour and Dynamics| 40| 60| 4| 4| 0| 0| MBT 406| IT in Management| 40| 60| 4| 3| 0| 2|

MBT 407| Professional Communication for Business Management| 40| 60| 4| 4| 0| 0| MBP 408| *Comprehensive Viva-Voce| -| 100| 4| | | |


Maximum Marks: 100 External Marks: 60 Internal Marks: 40
Credit Units: 4
L| T| P|
4| 0| 0|

Learning Outcomes:

* On completion of the syllabi, the student will understand the basic Principles of Management and their application in modern day business at different layers of organization so as to understand how to run an organization smoothly and efficiently. * An in-depth knowledge about working of an organization. * Student will also get sensitized about new and contemporary developments in the field of management.


Introduction to Management: Definition, Process, Functions of Management. Evolution of Management thoughts – Contribution of F.W. Taylor, Henry Fayol, Elton Mayo, and Hawthorne studies.
Planning: Planning Process, Types of Plans Organizination: Form of Organizination,Line, Line& Staff & Functional Authority. Span of Control Business and its features. Type of Business and Forms of Business Organization.


Staffing: Recruitment, Selection, Induction, Placement and Training. Power and Authority: Delegation of Authority, Centralization and Decentralization of Authority, Difference between Power and Authority Dynamics of Motivation: Contribution of Maslow and Herzberg to the theory of Motivation. Controlling: Types of control, Process, Requirement for Adequate control, Performance Appraisal :Need, Method of appraisal (Traditional and Modern ) Leadership and its Styles .
Informal Groups and their relevance in the present economic scenario Corporate Social Responsibility: Issues and Concerns Relevance of Creativity ,Innovation and Jugad in the new Economic System. Cross Cultural management & Enterpenureship.
Concept of inclusive Growth.


1. Ghuman Karminder and K Aswathappa, Management Concepts, Practice and Cases, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi 2. Koontz, O'Donnell, Weigh rich: Essentials of Management, Tata Mcgraw Hill , New Delhi. 3. Stoner, Freeman, Gilbert Jr.: Management, Pearson education, New Delhi.

The syllabus has been divided into three units. Paper setter will set 3 questions from...

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