Mba Statement of Purpose

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Personal Statement to Pursue an MBA

My personal statement begins with my American journey. A journey of faith and courage in the face of adversity that has taken me to where I am today. And it remains still a work in progress. And an MBA will surely help accelerate that.

I was sixteen years old when my family left the Philippines, my birthplace and migrated to the United States to pursue the American dream that many in the world aspire for. Like all beginnings, I struggled with my first few steps and had mixed feelings about my new home. I was excited over the great promise of an American dream. But I felt unsure if I could adapt to a new culture and be truly accepted by new friends I made. Driven by a consuming desire to succeed, I cast these doubts aside, opened my mind, and embraced the new challenges.

I entered Glendora High School as a junior. I learned English in the Philippines at the age of five, but did not feel confident enough to communicate orally because while I could speak the language I sounded different. To overcome the language and cultural challenges, I participated in sports, varsity swimming among them. I would wake up every morning in the break of dawn during winter for my swimming practices. Enduring the bone chilling weather provided the strength to build my character. I enrolled in swimming camps during the off-season, which helped me to transition to the Varsity team during my senior year, and won the “Most Improved Swimmer” award. My swimming experience helped me to become goal driven, strengthen my competitive spirit, develop a healthy lifestyle, improve my social skills, and become self-confident.  After graduation, I went to Cal Poly Pomona for my bachelor’s degree in marketing management.

My professional career started during my junior year in college. I carried a full workload of sixteen units based on a quarter system, while working two...
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