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Appendix 3: Research Proposal and Ethical Approval Form

Appendix 3: Research Proposal and Ethical Approval Form

1. Personal Details|
Student Name | Paaryveanthan A/L Vellasamy|
Emplid | 100227571| Supervisor Name| Cherry Wei Xiao Yun| IC Number| 850915146149| Supervisor Email|| H/P Number| 0172435260| Centre| KUJB|
Email Address|| Programme & Specialization | MBA (Generic)| Term| T12013| | |
Commencement Date (to be filled up by the student)|      | Submission Date (to be filled up by WEC)|      |

Signed By:

Student ________________________________________ Supervisor: ___________________________________________________

(Form submitted without signatures will not be accepted)

2. Title or topic area of proposed study (must not exceed 12 words)| A Study on Job Satisfaction Level on Employee's Performance at JUPEM Negeri Sembilan| 3. What is the aim and objectives of your study?|

Aim of Research€To identify which variables affect predominantly on Job Satisfaction Level at JUPEM Negeri Sembilan among the five variables and its effect of Employees Performance.Research Objectives €1) To explain the simultaneous effect of the five variables on Job Satisfaction Level at JUPEM Negeri Sembilan.2) To determine which variables were the dominant influence of the five variables on Job Satisfaction Level at JUPEM Negeri Sembilan.    | 4. Brief review of relevant literature and rationale for study (attach on a separate sheet references of approximately 9 key publications, it is not necessary to attach copies of the publications)| BackdroundEmployees are a valuable corporate asset that must be managed by the company in order to provide optimal contribution. One of the things that should be the primary concern of the company is the job satisfaction of their employees, because the employees in the work they do not feel comfortable, under-appreciated, can not develop all their potential, then automatically the employee unable to focus and concentrate fully on the job . Employee job satisfaction by Hariadja (2002) it can be seen that "the job is not just doing a job, but also related to other aspects such as interacting with co-workers, superiors, follow the rules - the rules and the specific work environment often inadequate or lacking preferred. 'Job satisfaction is basically an individual, each individual has a different level of job satisfaction - vary according to desire and value system espoused. (Handoko, 2000). More and more aspects of the work in accordance with the wishes and individual value systems adopted, the higher the level of satisfaction obtained. Likewise, more and more aspects of the job that is not in accordance with the wishes and individual value systems adopted, the lower the level of satisfaction obtained. Job satisfaction is a pleasant emotional state with how workers view their work. Job satisfaction reflects one's feelings towards his work can be seen from the attitude of employees towards work and everything else in the working environment.All types of companies actually requires a working system to seriously pay attention to the job satisfaction of its employees. As noted Handoko (1995) "Employees who do not get job satisfaction will never attain psychological maturity and, in turn, would be frustrated."Aspects - aspects that can shape employees' job satisfaction include: individual factors (age, sex, personal attitude towards work), a factor inter-employee relationships (relationships between managers and employees, the social relationships between fellow employees, a suggestion from a co-worker, physical factors and workplace conditions, emotional and employment situation) external factors (family circumstances, recreation, education). Aspect gives motivation to achieve job satisfaction for employees. And the obligation to meet the job satisfaction is every leader...
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