Mba Project Report on Finance

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Today India is on a threshold of massive development, thanks to the various initiatives taken by the Govt. of India over the last 10 years or as we call it the Dawn of the era of liberalization. The economics policies have been liberalized time and again to accelerate the process of industrial growth. The government is making constant efforts to encourage the entrepreneurs by providing the climate conducive for development and growth. as a result of which various projects are coming up and due to which various applications are being received by state and national financial institutions for financial assistance. Project finance is thus becoming a field of specialization in itself. There is an ever increasing thrust on the capital formation and this capital formation is done in any economy through massive infrastructure projects like setting up a new industry , launching of the green field projects to name a few. Apart form this the Govt. of India has identified certain core factors through which it can make a quantum leap in the area of foreign exports namely the IT sector and the Pharma sector. And due to the competitive advantage that India has because of its labour force, which ids highly skilled and at the same time available very cheap, the Pharma Industry in India is set for growth. But at the same time Pharma industry is a different type of industry altogether and it has own set technical requirement and also its own capital and financial requirements. Through this project I would like to bring forward the various details which are of up most importance and importance to the Pharma industry right form the setting up to actual growth prospects and have also enclosed in section 2 a detailed case study by which the various complexity are discussed along with the DPCO guidelines 1995. The project also attempts to provide an insight into the various critical aspects of preparation and submission of a project report to the financial institutions and how the financial institutions deals with the analysis of the same. And based on the technical details of the project report, financial institutions also uses various key financial indicators to ensure the soundness of the project. Hence, the project also aim at providing certain guidelines to the promoters to make a sound and healthy project report by considering various risks and uncertainties into consideration. Attempt is made to explain the same with help of a case study in section 2 of the project report. A sound Project report acts a strong back up for the promoter to avail finance from various alternative sources of financing. Various types of finance schemes are available to promote the growth of the industry not only of setting up of the company But also helps it to sustain stability during the initial crucial period.

There are certain vital aspects related to a success of a project. They are namely;
← Technically feasible
← Commercially desirable
← Financially sound
← Environment friendly
← Managed by sound promoters
← Adequately secured
← Level of risk commensurate with the overall business risk and its corresponding returns. The entrepreneur has to look into details of al the above aspect to ensure that the project will yield better results for the organization.

A Project Report
A common occurrence
Many people plunge into business and expect success without adequate consideration and planning, just as a student might register for a course simply because it sounds interesting. If this student has to gain from the course and do well in the exams, she would have to plan her studies carefully. Similarly, an aspiring new entrepreneur has to plan her business activities carefully. Luck may be a contributing factor for success, but good planning is crucial. Planning is essential

Thousands of new businesses are established each year -- and many fail. The failure may be...
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