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The Andhra Pradesh Dairy Development Co-operative Federation Limited

started in 1974. The Government constituted an autonomous body-ANDHRA


LIMITED. To function on commercial lines to increase the turnover and efficiency at

milk Chilling/cooling centers, one milk products factory, three feed mixing plant with

turnover of Rs.1.3 crores.

The corporation had taken up an aggressive strategy of development of

extensive infrastructure to extend the benefits of dairy schemes in backward & tribal

areas and in later year’s diversification of milk products manufacture to absorb all

marketable surplus milk in view of great fluctuation in milk.

Promotion of dairy development dairy development in organized sectors was

started with a humbling beginning in 1960 with pilot milk supply scheme with a

major collection of 1000 ltrs per day. Originally the dairy development program was

consuming area of Hyderabad was implemented with the financial assurance of

UNICEF to supply wholesome milk at reasonable price to consumer in twin cities

while assuming marketing facilities to rural milk products with remunerative price.

The dairy development activities progressed under the government state Dairy


Operation flood-I program was implemented in Guntur District with the

financial Assistance of Indian dairy corporation and technical advice of national dairy.

Development Board, with two tier infracture of village level co-operatives and district

level unions, the anand pattern co-operatives were formed by the head team of

national dairy development board. A feeder balancing dairy with a capacity of 1.5

lakh ltrs per day with 12MT drying capacity was established in 1978 with success of

operation flood-I, the Government signed an agreement with Indian dairy corporation

for implementation of operation flood- II in Andhra Pradesh.

Andhra Pradesh dairy development co-operative federation limited was

constituted in October 1981. Milk is the sector of human life. Planned implementation

of dairy schemes in A.P as gradually ushered in area of white revelation and the state

as secured a prominent place In the dairy development gained momentum, providing

a new dimension as a powerful strategy For rural development creating a new hope

for growth with social justices, generating and income Opportunities to thousand of

rural producer, including weaker section.

The success story of sangam dairy has brought greater awareness among the

milk producers about own strength and power by co-operation and establishing the

capability of milk producers about their own affairs of milk business on profitable. As

a matter of fact sangam dairy has emerged as anand for south India.

Two decades ago, available of wholesome milk to the urban consumers and

marketing of milk the rural producers were burning problems. The milk marketing

was dominated by private traders who exploited both the producers & consumers.

Andhra Pradesh, pre-dominantly an agricultural state, renowned as the rice

bowl of the south, has an excellent potential for milk production with 72.36 lakh milk

animals. All that was a dynamic institutions to organize milk marketing effectively

and implement dairy development dairy at village level, co-operative unions at district

and federation at the state level.

The Indian dairy corporation offered financial assistance of Rs. 78.51 crores

for dairy development in Andhra Pradesh with 30% grant and 70% on loan basis.

The national dairy development board identified the project area for

implementation of operation flood-II program in 16 districts out of 23 districts in the

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