Mba Marketing Mk0017

Topics: Marketing, Internet marketing, Electronic commerce Pages: 13 (3849 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Master of Business Administration- MBA Semester 4
MK0017 – e-Marketing - 4 Credits

Q1. Write a short notes on:

A.Internet Advertising Techniques
(B):- Differences between e-Marketing and Traditional marketing Ans:- Internet Marketing Techniques
Now, let us see some of the Internet techniques that are used in the modern marketing world: Search Engine Marketing (SEM):
SEM has become one of the major tools in the e-market. This clearly shows that search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. are being used by many people for searching relevant information. Therefore you can sell your products through them if your website is visible on these search engines. The principle techniques employed in SEM are: e-Mail Marketing:

Marketing through e-mails is e-mail marketing. Each penny which you use is worthy if you use e-marketing effectively. It helps in acquiring new customers and enhancing the relationship with the existing ones. Banner Advertising:

Placing your advertisement on any other third party website is called as Banner marketing. If any customer clicks on your banner the Ad will direct them towards your website. Interactive Advertising:

Interactive media applications can be used to promote online products. In interactive advertising personalised message are sent to readers. With the help of online or offline interactive media it communicates with customers in order to promote products, brands, services and many more. The main aim is to sell products. Blog/ Article marketing:

Blogs and articles can be used effectively to propagate a marketing campaign. Ans(B):- Differences between e-Marketing and Traditional marketing e-Marketing | Traditional marketing |
No immediate delivery of goods. | Immediate delivery of goods. | Helps promoting product globally. | Takes longer to promote globally. | Can work with fewer employees. | Needs more employees. |

Can sell or buy product 24 X 7, round the year without employing any person. | That is not possible in traditional marketing. | Customer loyalty could suffer from high price. | Customer has the choice to choose according to the price. | Fast and economical in promoting products. | Expensive and slow in promoting products. | Paying an experienced Internet Marketing Company is very economical. | Paying a well known advertising and Marketing company is very costly. | Plenty of brands will be displayed in case of lack of a particular product. | Lack of stock can change the decision of purchasing. |

Product will be delivered home. | Customer should go to shop for purchase. | Plenty of brand choices. | Customer may have to compromise on brands. | Can make best business in local and international markets. | Can make best business only in local markets. |

Q2. Write a short notes on:

A. Targeting strategies in e-marketing.
Ans:- Targeting Strategies
After reviewing many potential segments, e-marketers select the best segment for targeting. For this selection, they review the market opportunity analysis, consider findings from SWOT analysis and decide on the best fit. Segments will be considered attractive if they are accessible through internet, sizable, growing and hold great profit potential. e-Marketing is specifically suited for two targeting strategies and in both, message structure plays a vital role: Niche marketing1 – involves selecting one target segment and developing one or more marketing mixes to meet that segment‟s needs. This strategy has several benefits, but can be risky because competitors are often drawn into lucrative markets and when market suddenly declines, company is left with all its eggs in one falling basket. Micro marketing – also known as individualised targeting, involves customising all or part of the marketing mix to a small number of people. Taken to its extreme, it can be a target market of one person. Message Structure

Initial promotional...
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