Mba Leadership Strategies for a Changing World

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Jennifer Todd
Unit 6 MBA Individual Final Project
Leadership Strategies for a Changing World
May 24, 2010

I interviewed my brother for this project. My brother is the Region 5 Coordinator for the Florida Division of Emergency Management, and he is being inducted into the position as National Commander for the Sons of the American Legion. I chose to interview him for several reasons including his success over the years. I have seen him work his way up the corporate ladder, I know about his work ethics, and I have seen the determination that it takes to do what he needs to do in order to continue to be successful. I have learned a considerable amount of things from him throughout the years and I have found him to be strong leader and motivator. At one time he started a volunteer disaster recovery team that assisted local public officials including police, fire, and ambulance personnel in many man-made and natural disasters. He started the team with only three members and took it to over 300 members who were very closely networked with various fire and police departments throughout three counties in central Florida, the team had various training sessions through the Federal Emergency Management Agency, CERT, National Weather Service, and the American Red Cross. He has proven himself to be an effective leader on many occasions over the years.

For these reasons I felt that it would be an excellent way to learn as much as possible about his successes, how he stayed focused, his motivation, and how he felt about the progress that he has made, as well as getting any advice that he had to offer for me and my continued success.

The following are the questions that I asked of my brother James Roberts through email on May 23, 2010. 1. What process did you follow to get to the position you are currently in? 2. What training did you have in order to qualify you for your current position? 3. What training do you have to do in order to stay current in your present position? 4. How do you continue to learn throughout your lifetime?

5. What do you feel are necessary learning goals for someone to be an effective leader in your field? 6. What are your learning goals for the future?
7. How do you measure your progress toward reaching your goals? 8. How do you exemplify leadership in your field?
9. What advice would you give someone in order for them to be successful?

Answers given by James Roberts
“Jennifer, I am going to use my time in the Sons of the American Legion to answer these questions as it is probably more appropriate regarding leadership in an organization – See below for my answers. I hope these help.” (Roberts, 2010) 1. In the Sons of the American Legion there really isn’t a specific process that one goes through to be in the position that I am currently in. With that said, it is expected that members hold leadership positions in the organization at lower levels (Squadron, District and State).

2. I wouldn’t call it training. I have been a member for over 30 years and I was mentored by many people in the American Legion Family. As such, I was able to learn what needed to be done to make myself, the members I represented and the organization successful.

3. Again, I wouldn’t call it training. Although we do more things that can be called training now than we did before. Our National Organization conducts the National Management Institute that is instructed by our Past National Commanders. This is a 3-year commitment by those that attend our National Executive Committee Meetings in Indianapolis, IN. There are 3 sessions and they are offered during our Spring Meeting each year. Members start with the 1st and progress each year until they finish the 3rd class. When finished the members should have a good understanding of good management/leadership skills. When I was State Commander, I had the opportunity to attend the 1st State Commander’s...

References: Roberts, J., (2010). Personal Interview
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