Mba in Operation Management

Topics: Management, Supply chain management, Production and manufacturing Pages: 3 (527 words) Published: January 20, 2012
A candidate with a MBA in Operation Management would be able to look after a factory or other operations of the factory in a  better manner as compared to others due to their competency and knowledge regarding handling the operations of an  organization.Depending on the type of organization, one might be responsible for a few activities / regions in the initial  stages and consequently growing up to handling broader areas. This career involves handling a few plants/ vendors initially,  followed by the responsibility for an entire factory and eventually undertake a more strategic view like global sourcing /  alternate materials / imports etc. 

Operations managers pursue careers in service organizations involved in activities such as banking, transportation, insurance, and government, as well as manufacturing firms involved in producing industrial and consumer products. Typical careers in operations management involve activities such as forecasting, supervision, purchasing, inventory planning and control, operations scheduling and control, process methods and planning, quality management, warehouse management, and production planning in diverse industries such as banking, manufacturing, and retailing. Career opportunities in operations management can also involve work in management consulting firms or the development of computer systems for planning and scheduling.

Operations Management is a comprehensive production-related responsibility that includes Inventory Management, Vendor Development, and Purchase Management. It also includes areas that demand multi-disciplinary skills like SCM (Supply Chain Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

An MBA in Operations Management teaches students to manage the processes that lead to successful production and distribution of product(s) in any business organization. Students will learn to oversee manufacturing - product creation, development, production - and its distribution to sales...
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