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Sony is a global manufacturer of audio, video, communications and information for the consumer and professional markets. Sony Corporation (Sony) is a leading provider of consumer electronics. Firm designs, develops, manufactures and markets equipment and electronic devices, such as audio and video products, televisions and semiconductors. It designs, develops and markets software and gaming hardware, the development of cinema, home theatre and television production. The company provides network services and advertising in Japan, as well as the provision of financial services such as life insurance and non-life insurance and banking solutions. The company operates in nearly 200 countries throughout North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Sony works world wild with the head quarters of Tokyo, Japan. Vision

To create a new digital entertainment to consumers that leads leading edge products with the latest content and services. Mission
Sony is committed to developing a range of innovative multimedia products and services that challenge the way consumers can access and enjoy digital entertainment. The interface between companies within the organization, Sony continuously strives to create exciting new worlds of entertainment that could be experience in wide range of products.

Sony has created a brand, it is clear that the company has tagged himself on a 2011 survey, the most valuable brand in Azi. Brand is synonymous with technical excellence and has a rich heritage of technological knowledge. Besides creating Trinitron colour TV, video player, the company has contributed to the development of tape recording, CD and Blu-Ray, which is now using as a means of playing HD video. Its latest innovation is crystal LED TV, welcome to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas today Vegas. Out all its products, the success of Sony's PlayStation is even more remarkable - a success from the beginning, and we see a greater position demand. A consumer is still strong in the entertainment industry with Sony Music and Sony Pictures has been profitable for the company's losses in its consumer product division. Weaknesses

The high cost of media products, especially in the television industry, has affected the company's strategy in terms of price. His television industry has lost the equivalent of $ 6.3 billion over eight years. It is also losing market share for manufacturers such as Samsung and LG. While diversification in several industries, consumer electronics giant has shifted its focus from its core competencies - make great consumer electronics. This has led to a distortion of the Sony brand. Apple, which is also in the field of consumer electronics, has focused on a few products, create competition and makes them incredibly successful. Opportunities

The company can use its film and music industry and his experience in the gaming space to offer value-added content to support and integrate their products. He was talking about doing it with a four-screen strategy, which seems like a good idea. I recently bought a Sony Ericson all joint ventures. This should give Sony the ability to act independently and innovation in smart phones and tablets in the booming market. The company has the opportunity to enter the field of health care significantly through images of the possible acquisition of 30% stake in Olympus.

Sony faces competition from rivals such as Samsung and LG, which grows at a lower cost of goods, such as televisions and mobile devices. If the rumours are true, Apple could give a hard time Sony introduced their own version of the TV, Apple TV. In addition, Apple sees the brand Sony significant value in the world, ranked by Inter brand. Sony Online Network faces threats against pirates. PlayStation Network has been hacked, causing leaks customer information, such as credit cards. EXTERNAL ANALYSIS

Sony Corporation Political factors...
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