maze runner book report

Topics: The Doors, The Glade, Stinger Pages: 2 (749 words) Published: November 2, 2014
Thomas is brought into a place known as the Glade, with no memories except of his name. He and other teenage boys call themselves Gladers, and have made a community in which each is assigned to a task belonging to different departments headed by a Keeper. The Glade is surrounded by a gigantic Maze in which mechanical creatures called Grievers roam at night. Huge doors around the Glade close at sunset. Supplies are brought to the Glade every week; whereas a new boy is sent through an elevator called the Box once every month. The day after Thomas is brought to the Glade, a girl is sent with a note in her hand that reads "She is the last one EVER". Meanwhile, Thomas learns that the Gladers have tried to solve the Maze for at least two years and that the antidote to a Griever's painful sting can recover one's memories. He also befriends a young Glader named Chuck and the Gladers' second-in-command 'Newt'. Gladers exploring the Maze are known as 'Runners'. Minho and Alby look for a dead Griever that Minho found the day before but Alby is stung by it and Minho struggles to carry him into the Glade. As the doors close against Minho and Alby, Thomas joins them in the Maze. Hearing approaching Grievers, Minho leaves Thomas with an unconscious Alby. Thomas saves Alby; and with Minho, whom he finds, tricks pursuing Grievers into falling off the Cliff. Minho and Thomas return to the Glade as the doors open the next morning. As the acting leader, Newt calls a meeting to decide the fate of Thomas for going without permission, and it is decided that Thomas be made a Runner after serving one day in jail. Minho and Thomas, running the Maze, discover a 'Griever Hole' exposing the outside world. After returning to the Glade, Thomas is shocked to hear the girl speak telepathically to him. He realizes her name is Teresa, and she tells him that she has triggered an 'Ending'. Soon afterwards, Teresa wakes from the coma and befriends Thomas. The same day, the sky becomes a dull grey,...
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