Mayon: the Origin

Topics: Albay, Luzon, Legazpi City Pages: 3 (938 words) Published: January 25, 2013
Her unsullied splendor cannot be denied. The sight of her can take one's breath away. She is simply radiant as she stands tall and grand in the horizon. She is truly a one of a kind beauty that captivates anyone who pays her a visit. You have to be visually challenged to miss her brilliance. When she sleeps, she’s as gentle as a baby but when she stirs, she could easily strike horror among the hearts of men. She is loved for her beauty and tranquillity and spurned for her sometimes deadly and devastating aspect. This beauty is none other but the majestic Mt. Mayon which is located in the province of Albay in the Bicol region. It is known around the globe for its flawless cone shape. In some ways, she is like a shy maiden who likes to hide, using the clouds above her like a veil.

Legendary Origin 
The legend of Mt. Mayon goes around the tragic love story of a beautiful young heroine named Daragang Magayon and a dauntless warrior. The legend has been narrated and passed on from generation to generation by the people of Albay. The legend has become a part of the lives of the people living in Daraga, Albay because Mt. Mayon plays an integral part in their beliefs, cultural practices and festivities. In fact, there’s an annual festival called Magayon Festival which is celebrated every month of May. The festival relives the legend of Mount Mayon. Different versions of the origin of the majestic Mayon Volcano have risen because of the oral tradition of telling stories and handing them down to the next line of descent. First version

The legend is about the story of a beautiful lady named Daragang Magayon who lives in Kabikolan before the separation of the Philippines to mainland Asia. At that time, a maiden could not marry a man who lived outside the Kabikolan. Daragang Magayon rejected a native suitor named Paratuga. He was rich but selfish. She confessed to her father, Tiong Makusog, who also happened to be the chief of the village that she had fallen in love...
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