Maybank Online Banking

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Online Banking

Time is a precious commodity. Traffic jams, parking woes and a busy schedule can be a hassle to your banking needs. is an instant online banking service that our valued customers can access from the desktop or laptop - anytime, anywhere - at your leisure and convenience.

Cash Management


Online banking has become an important facet in everyday living. The fusion of internet technology and traditional banking services provide ease, convenience and greater command over your business's finance.

Introducing, the next step in online banking. is designed specifically to change the way corporate transactions are carried out. We aim to provide our enterprise customers a broad spectrum of web-enabled cash management solutions to suit their day-to-day business needs., our one-stop financial centre will revolutionise your online banking experience.

Payroll Services
Corporate customers can transmit salary, bonus and commission data files via the internet anytime, anywhere.

EPF Services
Corporate customers can submit their employer's and employees' monthly contributions to EPF.

SOCSO Services
Corporate customers can submit their employer's and employees' monthly contributions to SOCSO.

Payment Services
Corporate customers can make third party payments to Maybank account holders.

eDividend Services
A comprehensive online business solution designed exclusively to manage all processes pertaining to the dividend issuance for corporations & registrars via auto-crediting and warrant cheque printing.

• Bulk
Process multiple transactions in batches or at one go without compromising on speed.

• Secure
Secured transmission via Secured Socket Layer and hassle free access using Digital Certificate removes the need to remember 2 sets of passwords and the cumbersome steps to generate a challenge. • Convenience

Beat cut-off time, sign-on anywhere, transact anytime.

To find out more about convenience, please visit or contact:

General Number



Desktop Banking

Business banking in real-time.
Why rely on the traditional way of doing banking when you can handle your business banking online? That's what Maybank Desktop Banking is all about. It empowers you to manage funds faster and easier, ensuring a more efficient financial management. Real-time banking means immediate results.

Maybank Desktop Banking gives you access to your funds in real-time, executing your instructions the very second you issue them. So every time you submit instructions, rest assured your company funds move immediately. With Maybank Desktop Banking what you see on the screen is always your latest account status - that's up-to-the-second, real-time banking! Cash in on more investment opportunities than ever before.

Because Maybank Desktop Banking executes your instructions immediately, you can effectively make split-second decisions to take advantage of even the smallest window of opportunities. Features and benefits that need to be seen to be believed.

Maybank Desktop Banking offers a comprehensive range of banking services such as account inquiries, cheque management, trade finance and many more. All accessible at a touch of a button to provide instantaneous results. To find out more about our online banking convenience, fill in our Reply Form and we'll contact you soon.

Services offered
Account Inquiries
It allows you to make account balance inquiries, check your total floats, view and print up-to-the-second account activities and bank statements. •
Functions available are Fund Transfer, Local and Foreign Remittance, Electronic Collection and Bills Payment. •
Cheque Management
You can write cheques...
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