Mayans And Egyptians: Similarities And Differences

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Religion, Egypt, Death, Christianity, God / Pages: 2 (366 words) / Published: May 13th, 2016
The Mayans and Egyptians were two very interesting groups. The mayans lived on the Yucatan Peninsula from about 250 A.D. to 900 A.D. The egyptians however lived in Egypt, usually along the Nile River from about 3500 B.C. to about 300 B.C. Three great things these two groups taught us about were their religion, socials classes, and what they accomplished.

A major part of both groups was their religion. Both groups believed in multiple gods like the sun god, or the god of death. Both groups also made sacrifices to the gods like animals or sometimes even blood sacrifices. They also had the same idea about what happens after death. What they believe is that you go on an adventure so to speak through the underworld, when you have completed your adventure you are judged to see if you live a blissful afterlife or not. One difference was their sacrifices. As said earlier, both made sacrifices to the gods. The difference was what they sacrificed. The egyptians usually
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They were also very similar with only one or two differences. The social were set up almost the same. It started out with the king or pharaoh on top, then priests and soldiers or warriors, the merchants and artisans, and lastly peasants and slaves. The main difference was that the pharaoh ruled everything in Egypt, and the Mayans were ruled by the gods they believed in.

One great Mayan achievement was their invention of the calendar. The calendar the mayans invented is still in use today as a few years ago people were scared that the world was going to end because the calendar didn’t go past the year 2012. A major achievement of the Egyptians was their invention of the writing system. Without that system we probably wouldn’t be able to write very well.
Mayans and egyptians have taught us how to do a lot of things. Their three major influences on us were their religion, social classes and, last but definitely not least their major

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