Mayan Culture Facts

Topics: Maya civilization, Mexico, Mesoamerica Pages: 2 (378 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Do you really know the Mayan culture? Their culture was unique like

No other. Did you know the last Mayan state existed until 1647 and

That no one really knows what caused the collapse of the Mayan

Culture. The three main things that the Mayan culture like no other

Is their food, believes and their life style.

The Mayans believes were very different then any other person they

Believe in blood sacrifice. Some Mayans still live in their home region

And even still practice blood sacrifice. Mayan ceremonies begin with

Fast and other personal sacrifices. Mayan also believe in painkillers they

Used them.

Their life style was interesting. The Mayans built ball courts so they

Could play games. Also the Mayans don’t use money, so you wont find

Coins or bills however they trade with cacao beans. Their were not

Always the same type of Mayan for example early Maya relied on

Hunting. Did you know in the beginning maize grew in the wild. Farther

More girls learned to take care of a family by helping their mother and

Other relatives.

The Mayans food, well their main crops were maize corn, beans

Squash, avocado, chili pepper, pineapples, papayas and cacao beans.

Unlike many other ancient civilization, the Maya of the past have

Resisted the passage of time. I terms of meat, turkey was and is the

The most common meat eaten by the Mayas. Chilies were use as

Condiments to spice up the rather drab beans.

The Mayans had a special way to dress for example men were a

Strip of cloth tied around the hips and tossed between their legs.

Women wore their hair long, but women had their hair arranged in

Many ways. The guergone upper class wore jewelry. The elite wore flats

Necklaces, wrestles, anklets and bands.

In conclusion you could see that the Mayan well ancient Mayan

Civilization was pretty surprising. They had many traditions especially

In their believes of gifts for god...
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