Mayan Collapse

Topics: Maya civilization, Skull and Bones, Mayan languages Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: June 9, 2014
The purpose of this investigation is to find the real reason why and how Copan collapsed. Copan was placed where Honduras is today; Copan showed they were great civilization of the cultural Mayan life. People wondered what happened to the once great civilization. Copan civilization had a rapid fall do to diseases, natural disasters, overpopulation, economic disruption, and many more. All those things that can happen to a civilization bring a collapse. But people around wanted evidence, from information that I read it was said there was no follow period and land was being overused. This was also happing leading into another fact that the population was getting to large more than what civilization can hold. The evidence that kind of gave you the answer of the telling of overpopulation was the skulls and bones left behind. When the skulls were found there was a question was do these to skulls have different outcomes on what happened to them? Skull #1 showed it had severe anemia which probably killed the Copán citizen. Skull # 1 had spongy looking areas on the back of their skull which are caused by lack of iron in diet. The percentage was 80 percent of skeleton showed they had anemia. Skull # 2 showed the Mayan culture way of they had being wrapped during childhood formed into shape that Mayans are use to. The teeth were carved in an intricate pattern, something that Maya upper social classes would do. Skull # 2 was also shown that it had spongy looking areas on the on there had. This Mayan noble had anemia also. The evidence has now proved this was not a gradual fall. In the forest there were plants that could have evidence in how and why Copan collapsed. These plants can tell us how it collapsed based on their life style and how it affected the plants. These plants showed that Copán valley had a heaver return back to the forest. I reached the conclusion that there were people with anemia when they died. A constant of over farming, too big of a population for its...
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