Maxis Berhad Company Background

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Maxis is leading company which providing telecommunication services in Malaysia and has over 11.4 million service users currently. In 1993, Maxis has obtained license to run a nationwide GSM 900 mobile network, which is a local fixed network and an international gateway. Maxis starts its mobile businesses in august 1995 and commenced its fixed line and international gateway operation in early 1996.Nowadays, Maxis is providing a full set of services on various platforms to satisfy the demand of telecommunications for individuals ,small enterprises and large organizations., such as mobile fixed line, prepaid line and internet broadband services. Besides that, Maxis was first telecommunication company who launched the 3G services, such as 3G connect Card, PC Webmail, Video Mail and 3G prepaid. The 3G services coverage is up to 740 sites across Malaysia and still being increased. The 3G services of Maxis enable the users to enjoy the internet access throughout Malaysia. Mobile phone and laptop users can enjoy the entertainment and communication services such as video calls, live mobile TV, games and wireless broadband Internet those are reasonable priced, rapid access with real time result. Maxis has many users of the broadband service because it offered a reasonable price and do promotes the broadband services by offering free modem. Subscribers can get a free modem once they signed up the service package. In addition, Maxis has the customer service centre throughout the country, which provide conveniencies to the customers for paying bills, signing up, and reporting problems. Maxis is currently intensifying its business into Indonesia and India. Become the local communications provider at there is one of the goals to be achieved. Currently, Maxis has acquired 51% stake in Indonesia and 74% equity interest in India. These acquisitions can help maxis to achieve a huge growth in its business.

Vision and values
Maxis’ vision is to improve human life...
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