Maus: Chapter 1

Topics: Fiction, Closet, Selfishness Pages: 1 (286 words) Published: August 5, 2013
Chapter One Maus
1. The literary device that Spiegelman is using is called a catachresis. 2. Vladek’s response was him questioning if they were his real friends. It shows that Artie and Vladek aren’t that close.

1. We first learned that she committed suicide.
2. Vladek objects because he says that they have many wooden hangers and that wooden hangers are fancier. It’s as if he is trying to impress Artie. 3. Vladek believes that Artie should be drawing any type of art if it makes money. 4. I believe that the different shapes are used to tell the difference between the past and the present. 5. I believe Spiegelman chose this because the actor of the movie back then was considered a handsome celebrity. Spiegelman used this to show that Vladek was once handsome. 6. Vladek takes English lessons when he was younger because he planned on going to America, but ended up not going. 7. The director of Anja’s school described Anja as the most sensitive and intelligent student he’d ever had. 8. Vladek went into Anja’s closet to see what a housekeeper she was. He ended up finding pills. 9. It reveals that Vladek is a selfish person. It seems like he cares about what benefits him, only. 10. The Zylberbergs are rich.

11. Vladek thinks that Artie should leave out of the story of Lucia because he wants it to be private. 12. The ironic part is that they are mouses, not humans. 13. The part that makes this ironic is that Artie decides to write it in his book anyways, even though he was told not to. 14. It shows again that Vladek can be a selfish person.
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