Maui Vs Oahu Essay

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There are so many aspects that make Hawaii one of the greatest places to visit in our nation. Eight main islands, including Oahu and Maui, make up this amazing state. However, there are several ways as to how Maui is the better travel destination than Oahu. You can’t go wrong with either island, but Maui has an endless amount of reasons that set it apart from the others. Whether it is the nature, the weather, or the activities, Maui has the most to offer. Maui is really great because it offers impeccable attractions, while also having much less crowds than Oahu. It is a lot less crowded on Maui and therefore leads to a more relaxed vacation. There’s not as much traffic, which makes it easy and smooth to drive around and explore the island. If driving yourself around is not your style, you can take the bus. Maui’s bus offers $2 per ride, while Oahu’s offers $2.50 per ride (Williams). Maui is much more laid back and is great for people looking to escape the stress of their daily lives back home on the mainland. The population on Oahu is a staggering 953,207 …show more content…
Not only do they have great hikes, beautiful scenery, and perfect beaches, but they also have good food and tourist attractions. One of the most popular things to do on Maui is the Road to Hana, which is unlike anything you could find in Hawaii. It’s a 64-mile drive with many sightseeing stops along the way. Along the scenic drive, you can stop at various hikes to waterfalls, rainbow eucalyptus trees, a black sand beach, and Ohe’o Gulch, which is a set of seven swimming holes connected by waterfalls. Oahu also has attractions like the hike to Diamond Head and snorkeling in Hanauma Bay. However, you better get to these places before 8:00am or else they’ll be packed full of tourists from all over the world. I don’t think it’s very enjoyable when you’re climbing up a volcano shoulder to shoulder with other people you’ve never met

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