Matters Need Attention During Ball Mill Usage

Topics: Pinion, Transmission, Torque Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: April 26, 2012
The transmission parts of ball mill mainly consist of gear box, small and big transmission gear, electric motor and electric control panel. During the working of ball mill, the sound of gear box running should be smooth. If the wheel gear sounds slight beat or hoarse friction voice, and run well, you can observe continuously and find out the problems, ball mill should be stop and process; if the sound becomes louder, you should stop the machine immediately and check it. Inspect operation of ball mill during test run

1) during test run, the personnel should write down all kinds of records seriously. 2) Ball mill idle running. Ball mill idle running continuous operation must be more than 12~24 hours, during idle running, if problems happened, they must be solved immediately. 3) ball mill load test run. After the ball mill had been testing normally, the load test run can be taking. Load test run should be processed in stage, feeding should be process according to the discharging situation during load test run, which can avoid the unnecessary wear and damage to steel ball and shell liner . The stages of load test run are:

(1) Add certain materials and 1/3 quantity of steel mill (max. ball load refers to ball mill instruction) test for 12~~24hours. (2) Add 2/3 quantity of steel ball run for 24~48 hours
(3) According to the discharge situation of ball mill, the output of accepted products refers to the actual ball load of the same kind beneficiation plan t to makes sure the reasonable ball load of this ball mill, then test for at least 72hours. 4) in the above process, the time of test run and increase of the load capacity should according to the big wheel gear and pinion and the running-in situation (tooth surface, temperature rise, noise, contact)of gear box. Full load test run will be process till gear surface contact precision reaches the designed requirement. 5) during test run, cooling and lubricating system of ball mill should work smooth; main bearing,...
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